The Spectrum Of Services Mobile Mechanic Sydney Provide Today

The Spectrum of Services Mobile Mechanic Sydney Provide Today



The word “mobile”, flashes in mind on-the-fly service that may or may not be great. In the mobile car sector nevertheless, the word “mobile” has been given new meaning, as it represents lot more than a mechanic performing the fastest job possible and can move on to the next customer. Mobile car care services are a means of offering convenient and full fledged services for a complete range of auto problems.

Every car, without exception, needs servicing for one reason or another number of times throughout their lifetimes.

Parked in the Driveway or on the Highway

Mobile car care service is for roadside assistance, but not just for those on the highways and byways of Sydney. This kind of service can be offered to your car parked in your driveway or in the parking lot at your workplace. It can be the car not starting after enjoying a lunch out at the local restaurant or the auto which appeared to be working just alright when you dropped your son off at school that morning.

In a nut shell, mobile car services mean offering a variety of repair services to the spot where your car has halted whether it’s a highway, front yard, parking lot, or at your friend’s house.

More than Batteries and Tires

A lot of changes have been witnessed since the days when mobile mechanics typically replaced batteries and changed tires. The newest mobile diagnostic equipment which fits in a van enables mechanics to perform comprehensive evaluations on autos as if the car is in a workshop. Following are the repair mobile services that can now be provided on the spot.

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* Electrical repairs

* Air conditioning recharging and repairs

* Periodic maintenance

* Transmission repairs

* Engine repairs

Clunking, Squealing, and Knocking

Of course, this list is not the comprehensive list of many other different kinds of services offered by mobile mechanics. Everything from just a horn repairs to complex engine replacements can be preformed by mobile mechanic Sydney today. Following is a brief list just to give you a better insight of why you can rely on mobile mechanic Sydney when the car acts strangely midway.

* Transmission oil leaks

* Misfires

* Air conditioning blows warm air

* Fluctuating idle

* Engine lights lit

* Squealing noises

* Won’t start

* Electrical shorts

* Alternator problems

* Fuel injection issues

* Brake problems

* Tune-ups

* Engine knocking

It’s quite amazing to hear the kind of different sounds a car engine can generate when something is going wrong. Your car often “intimates” with you when it’s not working properly by creating odd sounds. The mobile mechanic Sydney understands the language and can decipher those squealing, clunking, and knocking sounds.

Mobile car care services are thorough and comprehensive and are able to offer both individual and fleet auto maintenance and repairs services. So don’t consider only your tires and battery which can be benefited from mobile car services. It’s the entire car that enjoys the benefits!

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Electric vehicles can be less green than classic fuel cars, Norwegian study finds

Sunday, October 7, 2012 

A Norwegian University of Science and Technology study released Thursday found electric vehicles have a potential for higher eco-toxicity and greenhouse impact than conventional cars. The study includes an examination of the electric car’s life cycle as a whole rather than a study of the electric car’s environmental impact during the use phase.

The researchers conducted a comparison of the environmental impact of electric cars in view of different ratios of green-to-fuel electricity energy sources. In the case of mostly coal- or oil-based electricity supply, electric cars are disadvantageous compared to classic diesel cars with the greenhouse effect impact being up to two times larger.

The researchers found that in Europe, electric cars pose a “10% to 24% decrease in global warming potential (GWP) relative to conventional diesel or gasoline vehicles”.

The researchers suggest to improve eco-friendliness of electric vehicles by “reducing vehicle production supply chain impacts and promoting clean electricity sources in decision making regarding electricity infrastructure” and using the electric cars for a longer time, so that the use phase plays a more important role in the electric vehicle life cycle.

US stock markets reach 12-year lows

Thursday, March 5, 2009 

US stock markets dropped to twelve-year lows on Thursday, amidst falling confidence in the financial sector and worries over whether the US automobile manufacturer General Motors will be able to keep operating.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by 4.08%, or 280.52 points, at the closing bell, reaching a level of 6595.32, a new 12-year low. The Nasdaq Composite lost 54.15 points, or 4%, to 1299.59, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 plunged by 30.27 points, or 4.25%, closing at 682.60.

Every stock in the Dow Jones, other than Wal-Mart, either lost ground or remained even, and all stocks in the S&P 500 index lost ground.

General Motors’ shares lost 15.5% after the auto firm announced that its auditors had “substantial doubt” over whether it would be able to keep operating.

Shares of financial companies were lower by nine percent, with Bank of America losing 11.7% and Citigroup falling by 9.7%.

“What’s most worrisome is that we haven’t hit the crescendo yet,” said Bill Groeneveld, the head trader for vFinance Investments. “Asset-management divisions are getting calls to just liquidate everything, and we haven’t seen the big players come back in at all.”

“This is one of the worst bear markets in the last 100 years; it started out with the credit crisis and the subprime [loans], but it is like a forest fire that has raced across the clearing and ignited other parts: Autos, auto parts, the insurance companies have been hit very hard. The credit crisis is causing an unraveling of industry after industry because the banks don’t lend,” said David Dreman, the chief investment officer of Dreman Value Management.

European markets were also lower today, with the London’s FTSE index losing 3.2% and the DAX index of Germany falling by five percent.

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Proper Putter Length = Fewer Putts!

By Scott Myers

Lower your golf scores with correct equipment!

All too often, golfers will purchase golf clubs, including putters, straight off the shelves of your local sporting goods store, their local retail outlets, or from a fellow golfer. These purchases are made with no thought as to if that particular putter is even a proper fit to them or their game. Just like a fine suit is tailored to every inch of your body for exact fit your putter and every other club in your bag should be tailored to not only your body but your game as well. Everybody is different and unique.

There is no one off the shelf set of clubs designed to fit every single golfer, or even the majority of golfers. If you took the putter measurements of 10 professional golfers, you would find that all 10 had in someway, different measurements including length, lie angle, loft, offset, weight, and design. All blended together with one single purpose in mind: to help the golfer make more putts!

Can you imagine the frustration the pros would go through if they had to change their putting stroke to accommodate a different putter every time they decided to change their clubs? Yet 99% of all recreational golfers go about purchasing new clubs this way. They buy a club straight off the rack and then make the adjustments with their body to compensate for this new putter.

YouTube Preview Image

Lets take a look at the biggest factor in putter fitting and how to correct it:

Putter Length

The length of your putter has a direct effect on how you set up to your putt. If you are like the majority of recreational golfers, your playing with a putter thats either too long or too short for your natural stroke. Using a putter that’s too long for you will set the ball too far away from your body. This affects how your eyes are positioned over the ball, having your eyes not over the target line, but inside of it. This will also cause your arms and hands to be much closer than you want to your body, not allowing your arms to hang naturally. This causes you to manipulate your hands and arms through the stroke to compensate for the length.

Putters that are too short have the opposite effect. The ball is set too close to your body, causing your eyes to be well outside of your target line. Two short of putter will also cause you to have to extend your arms out further from your body causing to have to reach out to the ball during the stroke. To find your ideal putter length you can use a very simple method right from your own home.

Without a putter in your hands, set up to address over a ball as if you were going to putt. Let your arms hang naturally in front of you as you reach out and grip an imaginary putter in the most comfortable and natural feeling manner. This will set your hands in their most natural position without being influenced by gripping an actual putter.

Now without moving your hands or arms from this position, have a friend or spouse place your putter back in your hands. Notice where your hands are on the club NOW compared to where you gripped it in the past. Youll probably be a bit surprised at where your hands end up on the putter. This is the correct length you should be playing with. Now with a piece of tape, mark one half-inch above the hand closest to your body on the putter grip, if your grip is now lower than before. If your new grip is higher up on the grip wrap the tape in. below the bottom hand. This is how long of a putter you should be playing with.

Your local Golf Outlet or Pro Shop can take this information and make the necessary adjustments for you at a very minimal cost.

About the Author: Scott Myers has helped people of all skill levels start shooting the best golf scores of their life by teaching a new step-by-step putting formula designed to drop 7-to-9 stroke from your score in just 4 minutes. To learn more about his breakthrough method, visit:


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Police report drug haul seizure worth up to £30 million in Brownhills, England

Monday, December 2, 2013 

Police in the West Midlands in England today said nearly 200 kilograms worth of drugs with value possibly as great as £30 million (about US$49 million or €36 million) has been seized from a unit in the town of Brownhills. In what an officer described as “one of the largest [seizures] in the force’s 39 year history”, West Midlands Police reported recovering six big cellophane-wrapped cardboard boxes containing cannabis, cocaine, and MDMA (“ecstasy”) in a police raid operation on the Maybrook Industrial Estate in the town on Wednesday.

The seized boxes, which had been loaded onto five freight pallets, contained 120 one-kilogram bags of cannabis, 50 one-kilogram bags of MDMA, and five one-kilogram bricks of cocaine. In a press release, West Midlands Police described what happened after officers found the drugs as they were being unloaded in the operation. “When officers opened the boxes they discovered a deep layer of protective foam chips beneath which the drugs were carefully layered”, the force said. “All the drugs were wrapped in thick plastic bags taped closed with the cannabis vacuum packed to prevent its distinctive pungent aroma from drawing unwanted attention.” Police moved the drugs via forklift truck to a flatbed lorry to remove them.

Detective Sergeant Carl Russell of West Midlands Police’s Force CID said the seizure was the largest he had ever made in the 24 years he has been in West Midlands Police and one of the biggest seizures the force has made since its formation in 1974. “The impact this seizure will have on drug dealing in the region and the UK as a whole cannot be underestimated”, he said. “The drugs had almost certainly been packed to order ready for shipping within Britain but possibly even further afield. Our operation will have a national effect and we are working closely with a range of law enforcement agencies to identify those involved in this crime at whatever level.”

Expert testing on the drugs is ongoing. Estimates described as “conservative” suggest the value of the drugs amounts to £10 million (about US$16.4 million or €12 million), although they could be worth as much as £30 million, subject to purity tests, police said.

Police arrested three men at the unit on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug. The men, a 50-year-old from Brownhills, a 51-year-old from the Norton area of Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, and one aged 53 from Brownhills, have been released on bail as police investigations to “hunt those responsible” continue. West Midlands Police told Wikinews no person has yet been charged in connection with the seizure. Supplying a controlled drug is an imprisonable offence in England, although length of jail sentences vary according to the class and quantity of drugs and the significance of offenders’ roles in committing the crime.

Hard drive technology breaks storage density record

Sunday, April 10, 2005 

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, the San Jose, California-based joint venture of Japanese storage vendor Hitachi and U.S. technology giant IBM, has set a new record for storage density at 230 gigabits per square inch (Gb/in2). The company has developed technology to implement a recording method known as perpendicular recording, which allowed the increase in density above the current ~130 Gb/in2 limit.

Techworld claims there is a race between Hitachi and Toshiba for who will get the first drives to market which use the technology. According to Hitachi, they expect, “to ship [their] first perpendicular recording product in 2005 on a 2.5-inch hard drive”. Toshiba is also planning to ship a drive in 2005 that uses perpendicular recording.

According to Techworld, Toshiba will ship an 80 GB, 1.8″ drive in 2005. Toshiba’s 1.8″ drives are used in portable electronic devices such as Apple’s iPod, which is currently available in sizes 60 GB and smaller.

While all commercially available hard drives to date use longitudinal recording, perpendicular recording has roots in research done in academic circles over 100 years ago.

Hitachi Tech has produced a Flash animation that explains the rudiments of perpendicular recording in a music-video style.

Inspired by the 1970s Schoolhouse Rock series of educational animation shorts, the flash movie features whimsical moments with data bits and disk platters that speak and sing (not possible with today’s technology), it also contains realistic details. Of no importance to the viewer, but perhaps of interest to some, the animation shows Texas Instruments’ UC5608DWP chips visible briefly in the background. While TI’s UC5608DWP 18-line SCSI terminator chips have been made obsolete by the new UCC5618, the chips are indeed designed for use in hard drives.


Virgílio A. P. Machado, Ph.D. (1978), University of Florida, USA, is Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at the School of Sciences and Engineering (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia) of the New University of Lisbon (Universidade Nova de Lisboa – UNL), University of Portugal.

He has been teaching Industrial Engineering, in Portugal, since 1979, and is currently involved in computer aided production planning and design.

He has completed several Industrial Engineering projects for public agencies and private enterprises. He is a member of national and international professional associations, namely the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Engineering (Instituto Português de Engenharia Industrial – IPEI), of which he is a founding member, senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) and Faculty Advisor of the IIE UNL Chapter, and Alpha Pi Mu, the industrial engineering honor society.

He has been granted several scholarships from the University of Lourenzo Marques (Universidade de Lourenço Marques), where he completed his undergraduate degree, from the Fulbright Commission, the Institute of Higher Culture (Instituto de Alta Cultura), the National Institute for Scientific Research (Instituto Nacional de Investigação Científica), the Secretary of State for Higher Education (Secretaria de Estado do Ensino Superior), the United States Agency for International Development, ERASMUS and TEMPUS programs of the European Union Commission, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Luso-American Foundation, and the New University of Lisbon.

Virgilio A. P. Machado
Apartado 313
2826-801 Caparica


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Best Leonardo Dicaprio Performances

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Best Leonardo Dicaprio Performances


Zack Mandell

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix retired from acting? The acclaimed actor set off a media firestorm upon that announcement, especially given his rationale. Upon his “retirement,” Phoenix declared he was giving up acting to pursue music. That in and of itself isn’t so bizarre, until you consider that the music he wanted to pursue was hip hop. He played a few disastrous shows, and was an interview guest on David Letterman in a television moment classic only for its awkwardness. Ultimately, Phoenix’s retirement was little more than a ruse; a social experiment. Unfortunately, Leonardo Dicaprio’s plans to retire from acting are probably not. The wildly gifted megastar is giving up acting for the next few years, citing exhaustion. In a statement, he stated that he would like to do what he can to make the world a better place. Whether or not he can accomplish such an ambitious task we don’t currently know the answer. But since his rise to stardom in the blockbuster “Titanic,” the movie theater has been a better place for sure. Here are the five best performances given by Leonardo Dicaprio.

Catch Me If You Can

Dicaprio has long been associated with the best dramatic actors of his era, but he lightens up on occasion. In this fluffy but witty tale about a teenager who accidentally becomes an impostor mastermind, Dicaprio brings the perfect combo of movie star mugging and character actor intricacies to the main character. He may have the easy to look at Tom Cruise smile, but behind it is a lost and confused child.

The Departed

YouTube Preview Image

When Dicaprio received his third Oscar nomination for his turn in the Edward Zwick drama “Blood Diamond,” a far more deserving turn missed out on a nod. Funnily enough, that turn was courtesy of Dicaprio himself, in Martin Scorsese’s crime saga “The Departed.” As an undercover cop embedded in the most sinister moors of the Boston crime scene, Dicaprio displays the action chops of a young Clint Eastwood, but coupled with gripping emotional vulnerability.

Revolutionary Road

This adaptation of the landmark Richard Yates novel was extraordinarily hyped. Dicaprio was reteaming with “Titanic” love interest Kate Winslet, and the film, about an unhappy married couple in the suburbs, was directed by Sam Mendes, the director of “American Beauty,” a classic about an unhappy married couple in the suburbs. Ultimately, “Road” failed to meet expectations, but Dicaprio exceeded his. Before the premiere, many contemplated whether or not Dicaprio had been miscast. After watching his heart wrenching, explosive and tragic performance, Dicaprio silenced those critics.

William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet


transformed the young Dicaprio into the biggest movie star in the world. It was his turn as the titular character in Baz Luhrmann’s modern update of a Shakespeare classic that helped him land that role. Many film audiences didn’t know Dicaprio at the time, but they couldn’t forget his vivid and heartbreaking turn as the young tortured Montague.

Shutter Island

Critics were not so kind to the Dicaprio-Scorsese collaboration that followed their Oscar winning “The Departed.” Most of the fault was leveled at a convoluted script and a predictable and sluggish ending. Just about no one faulted Dicaprio. How could they have? As a federal agent searching for a missing woman at a remote mental institution, Dicaprio burns with angst, and makes the puzzle he’s solving far more involving than what was on the page.

Zack Mandell is a freelance writer for


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Best Leonardo Dicaprio Performances

Good Omens to be made into BBC radio drama

Sunday, September 7, 2014 

Plans for a radio dramatisation of the novel Good Omens, co-written by prominent UK fantasy authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, were confirmed on Friday by BBC Radio 4.

Published in 1990, Good Omens tells the story of the impending Apocalypse, and the efforts of one angel and one demon to save the world.

Neil Gaiman has previously had one of his books, Neverwhere, adapted for radio. The director of that adaptation, Dirk Maggs, is also working on Good Omens.

Terry Pratchett is well known for his Discworld novels, of which the first one, Colour of Magic, was published in 1983.

Recording for what would be the first ever dramatisation of the cult-classic began on Friday, with broadcast dates unconfirmed but said to be in December. The show is expected to broadcast over five days throughout the week and an hour-long finale on the Saturday.

Mark Heap and Peter Serafinowicz have been cast in the lead roles, with other actors on the cast list including Colin Morgan, Josie Lawrence and Clive Russell. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett are also expected to make cameo appearances.