Indoor Or Outdoor Metal Wall Art Is Always A Good Bet For Your Home Decor Needs

indoor or outdoor metal wall art is always a good bet for your home decor needs



There are alot of people in the world who realize that metal wall art is quickly becoming a constant in modern and contemporary home decor design. It just eminates class and beauty while at the same time it can be simple and elegant. The interiors and walls of your home are you personified your taste in eall art and decor help your visitors and family understand who you are and how you look at life, while encopassing you family and freinds in comfort and beauty.

Metal wall art and sculptures are a distinctive form of decor they can be modern and classic at the sme time perfect wall art for any home modern home decor can be a great decorative touch for your home decor needs.

The colors and varieties of large metal wall art and sculptures are almost endless, ranging from gold, silver, and bronze tones all the way to antique finishes, ther are metal wall art and painted sculptures to meet the decor needs of your home.

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If you are living in a contemporary or modern home abstract metal wall art and sculptures ar a must it can be very classy and beautiful the lines can accent other design elements f your home decor, if you are searching for classy decor this is a huge amount of great options for you to choose from offeringbeautiful rewards in the end, the attitude fits perfectly in modern design.

There are endless styles of

modern metal wall art and sculptures for your home decor design needs

, your imagination is your only limit, amongst manufacturers specialty artisans finding absolutely great metal wall art for your home decor is not just simple it might be a fun search, ladies love to shop I know it was one of my mothers favorite things to do ever, products can range from basic square metal panels to extremely intricate and detailed designs matching your home decor with metal wall art and sculptures can be very simple due to the abundance in the market place today.

The metals used in making these wall art pieces and sculptures range from galvanized steel to copper wire, the metal cut shaped pressed and bent cut from large sheets t9o create the finished piece of art. Functioning pieces of art can include metal candle holders that can create lighted centerpiece for any room or acustom frame for a special painting or photogaph.

If you are thinking of the regular old plain silver and gold colored metal think twice, metallic colors used in many are bright and fun like citrus hues all the way to deep burgandies, purple and blues, shapes can range from animal designs to nature based designs ranging from flowers, to trees, to seascapes only limited by your imagination and your decor needs.

Any plain wall can be made exciting by adding metal candle holders or a small pice of matal wall art, you can make any room look bigger with a metal framed wall mirror simple designs on the mirror can create a beautiful affect, to liven up your bathroom all that is required is possibly a small designer metal wall art sculpture, this can add glamour to your bathroom decor needs, in hallways, dining rooms, and living rooms, displaying blooms and ivy on wall art you can use unique wall vases they can also be used for holding fresh flowers.

Art is very obviousely subjective what ever you like you like, what ever you dont you dont, metal wall art sculptures are a great option for your home decor or office decor needs. At we have a great selection of home decor, metal wall art, sculptures, lighting, clocks, mirrors, wood, outdoor and patio, items, we offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL FEATURED PRODUCTS

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3 Simple No Strip Fixes For Kitchen Cabinets

By Alyssa Davis

If your kitchen cabinets are looking dated, worn or drab, stripping and refinishing is one option, but its a pretty tough way to go. Stripping and refinishing your cabinets involves a lot of elbow grease, mainly to remove the old finish. A stripping product must be applied and allowed to penetrate, and then the old varnish is laboriously scraped off before the cabinets can be thoroughly cleaned. If you have a lot of cabinets, you can be looking at a major time-consuming job. Before you take on a project of that magnitude, read on for some simpler ideas to give your tired old cabinets a fresh new look.

Fix #1: A Good Thorough Cleaning

If your cabinets are looking worn and dirty, a thorough cleaning may be all thats needed to refresh them back to their former glory. If your cabinets have an enamel or lacquered finish, a spray-on degreaser can wipe away layers of grease and grime. On stained or varnished wood cabinets, soaps formulated specifically for use on wood, such as Murphys Oil Soap, do a good job of wiping away dirt and grease. A homemade solution of vinegar and water will effectively degrease wood cabinets without damaging the finish. When in doubt, try any cleaner first on an inconspicuous area. Never use abrasive cleaners, like cleanser or scouring pads, as they will scratch the finish.

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Fix #2: Clean Fresh Paint

If cleaning your cabinets didnt do the job, your next option is to paint them. Since your cabinets are now good and clean, remove all the hardware and remove the cabinet doors and drawers. Lightly sand all surfaces with fine grade sandpaper and wipe away all dust residue with a clean, damp cloth. Apply a layer of grease and stain blocking primer, let dry and paint the cabinets with your fresh new color. Paint the doors on top of a work table or saw horse and let them dry while you paint the cabinet faces. You can use paint to totally change the style of your kitchen: Whether you choose to paint your cabinets in a modern neutral shade or create a shabby chic look with a distressed finish, paint and faux painting techniques can transform your kitchen cabinets.

Fix #3: Add High Style with New Hardware

Just as jewelry and accessories can turn a plain outfit into a knockout, new stylish hardware can make a big difference in the appearance of your cabinets. Especially if youve painted your cabinets in a new color, the old hardware can undo the visual uplift of the paint and make the cabinets seem dated again. From brushed nickel bin pulls or jewel toned glass knobs; whimsical designs fashioned to look like geckos or turtles,; to modern flat stainless steel handles, new hardware will bring sparkle, interest and detail to your kitchen. When shopping for new hardware, take samples of your old hardware so that you can choose hardware with the same screw hold layout. By choosing the same spacing and layout, you wont have to drill new holes or fill and sand old ones.

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