Ebay A Golden Opportunity To Make Handsome Online Money At Home

Ebay – A Golden Opportunity To Make Handsome Online Money At Home



Today, many people are choosing to work at home and make money selling on eBay. As you’re reading right now thousands are making a full or part time income with online auctions. Why? Well, because the concept is simple, you can make money from home and you can have a lot of fun doing it. Of these people who choose to start an online auction business and make money from home, many will use dropshippers to get their business up and running. Then once they have products that are selling really well, they will look to locate these products at a better price. But where? Where does one find products at a better price? The answer is right here is this article.

Have you ever wondered how some smart people grow rich and retire wealthy?

How do they achieve their business success? What is their secret to making big money? What is their business strategy?

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Well, their easy and proven strategy, which they would prefer to keep a family secret, is…

They buy closeouts, liquidations & customer returns for pennies on the wholesale dollar. These closeout buyers easily sell liquidation bargains at prices, much lower than their competitors! These smart dealers achieve rapid turnover and huge profits. Buyers often tell us about long lines of eager customers, snaking all around the block, each time they receive one of best truckloads. Wow!

Retailers, exporters, auctioneers and closeout dealers continuously re-order, which means that they do very well with these overstock merchandise and hence earn very good income rather continuous income month after month by repeating these orders.

You see, once you are comfortable with what you are doing, have run several regular auctions and have products that are popular and selling really well, it’s then time to do some research on getting these products at a better price. This will allow you to offer these products to your customers at a better price and thus increase your auction sales, which in turn will increase your auction profits. O.K. “But, where do I get these products for a better price?”

The answer is Liquidators! As explained in my book, a Liquidation Company is a company that buys surplus, over runs, bankruptcies, going out of business inventory and the like. They purchase this merchandise for pennies on the dollar, and can afford to sell this merchandise at below wholesale prices and still make a profit. Therefore they sell for less and you reap the benefits.

There are many Liquidators who could have just what you’re looking for. There are General Merchandise Liquidators who basically purchase and sell all sorts of general merchandise. At any given time you can find anything from house wares to kids toys. Collectables to clothing. Jewelry to cosmetics. All for a fraction of the price of dropshippers.

Then, there are Liquidators who specialize and only purchase and sell merchandise in a specific niche. This niche could be electronics, jewelry, brand name clothing and so on. Whatever the niche is, this will be the only type of inventory that Liquidator will carry. For example, a Liquidator who specializes in only kids toys would purchase products from toy stores or department stores with a kids toy section that are going out of business, declaring bankruptcy or have overstock. From that inventory, you can find some of the latest and most popular products on the market.

Liquidators are similar to Wholesalers and Dropshippers in that you will have to become a member to have access to their inventory. Most require no fee to become a member, while others may charge a nominal fee. The one thing that does differ is that Liquidators have a set number of units you must purchase in order to get a great price. A Liquidator will purchase their inventory in bulk enabling them to get the merchandise for pennies on the dollar. Therefore, they will want to sell the merchandise in cases or lots.

If you have done your due diligence, have ran several regular auctions and you know you have a Hot Product, then Liquidators are your answer to more auction profits. Remember that selling products is all about research. What products are Hot? How much can you sell the product for, and where can you get the product at the best price.

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