The Chair That All Kids Love Bean Bags

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Bean bags are a favorite among children and college age people. A bean bag is a bag that usually made from plastic or some other fabric that is filled with small foam pieces that are as small as a bean.

Bean bags have many uses and come in many different sizes. The smallest of bean bags are commonly called hacky sacks. These small bean bags are usually the size of a large egg. The outer shell is usually made from thick leather or plastic.

A hacky sack is usually used to play a game. The game entails keeping the hacky sack in the air as long as possible. The person that is play the game kicks the ball with the inside of their feet and bounces it high into the air. They then hit it with their knee or elbow to keep it in the air.

An even larger use for the bean bag is used in a popular game called Corn Hole. Corn Hole requires two boards that are set at an angle with a hole at the top of each. The game is usually played with two teams and each team has two players.

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The players take turns throwing a bean bag that is about the size of a piece of toast at the boards and trying to get their bean bag to go into the hole. If they get it on the board or in the hole, they get points. The team with the most points at the end of game wins.

An even larger use for a bean bag is a favorite for many children. It is called the bean bag chair. A bean bag chair is a large bean bag that works as a chair for a person. It is very comfortable and it fits to a person form as they sit in it.

Many children use the bean bag chairs to sit in while they play their video games. Since these chairs are filled with very light weight packing peanuts, it is very easy for a child to move from one area to another. If they want to sit closer or farther away from the television or screen, they just pick it up and move it.

Bean bag chairs are also used for furniture for some college students. When a person is in college full time, it is probable that they do not have the money to furnish their dorm or apartment with high end furniture. Because of this they are turning to bean bags.

Bean bags come in many different colors and sizes. They are light weight and durable and are very inexpensive. When compared to the cost involved with purchasing a couch or even just a chair, a bean bag is the more economical way to go.

Bean bags have many uses and are loved by people of all ages. Whether they are being used as a piece of a game or as a piece of furniture, there is always a use for a bean bag. If you have not owned one yet, try it today.

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