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By James Brown

Life Time Cookware only requires a medium heat on stove top cooking. When cooking with a medium heat or low heat you are sure to get perfect results in preparing your favorite meals.

Have you ever heard of baking on top of the stove top? Well, there is news for you. LifeTime offers you the chances to save on energy by avoiding oven cooking. Baking on the stove top is now available through Life Time Cookware.

Stack Cooking saves energy.Cookware has a twelve element solar cap. This feature allows the heat to travel evenly up the sides very quickly and through the covers of each stack cooking utensil. You will adore using stack cooking . It allows the cooking of several foods at the same time. The utensils simply stack on top of each other and your meal is on the way to being cooked.

Avoid using every burner on your stove top. Simply stack your meal. Your foods will be healthier for your entire family . Vitamins and minerals are retained in the food provided by the moisture being withheld . Save on money and get more nutrition.

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A life time warranty is provided with this cookware. Once you purchase this Cookware , you will never have to purchase cookware again.

Storage is kept to a minimum . Even the smallest kitchen can handle this cookware. It is very easily stacked and very easy to store when not using. Life Time Cookware needs very little storing room.

Cleaning is very easily cleaned.

With Life Time Cookware the nutrition in your vegetables will remain high in value. Peelings can remain on your vegetables. This is great in preparing your meal and preventing you from having to stay in the kitchen long at any time.

There is no need to worry about scratching the inside surface with medal utensils. They are very safe to use in your Life Time Cook ware. Remember , this is the best stainless steel cookware available .

Don’t worry about replacement cookware. The life time warranty speaks for itself . Your family and friends will be astonished by the performance of your cookware. They will want to invest in their own Life Time Cookware.

Never worry about the outcome of your meal again. Your investment in Life Time Cookware will never let you down or disappoint you. Prepare your meals with pride. It’s great to know that you have made your life in the kitchen a lot easier. Your family will enjoy the extra time you can spend out of the kitchen.

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Ifac: From 30 Years A Great Service For The Refrigerated Transport}

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Submitted by: Gianni Buonsante

For 30 years, IFAC has produced panels for refrigerated boxes. It attends the most important international trade shows: a chance to strengthen the partnership with its customers. It is a worldwide company which operates in ITAY, CYPRUS, CROATIA, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, SLOVAKIA, SWITZERLAND and TURKEY. In the majority of these markets, IFAC not only offers sales and assistance, but also customized services.


IFAC is a leader in the isothermal transport and operates since 1981 in terms of quality and technology, to guarantee the final client a fresh and genuine product.

IFAC anticipates the future of refrigeration thanks to technologically advanced materials and systems and looks towards the future to offer the best.

The plant for the production and the assembly of refrigerated boxes is located in Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA). It is also the logistics centre for the South and the Mediterranean. With regards to logistics, IFAC is assisted with Verona, that became a very strong point of the company, as it is a sorting place and geographically strategic to improve the interchanges with Europe.

IFAC avails itself of the partnership of 2 other companies of the group, TECNOFRIGO (for frigo units sale and assistance) and FRIGORENT (hiring refrigerated boxes).

These three reliable companies offer the best in the mobile refrigerated market.

TECNOFRIGO Srl is dealer of the Thermo King providing sale and assistance. It offers professionalism and quality in terms of refrigerated transport since 1988. Thanks to its wide variety of Thermo King refrigerated units, its huge spare parts warehouse, and an efficient assistance and assembly plant, TECNOFRIGO can satisfy every clients requirement.

FRIGORENT rents out to its clients high quality refrigerated boxes for the transport of goods temperature-sensitive. Our high quality is guaranteed by the efficiency of the insulation materials and by the precision of the systems of temperature control. Our vehicles with ATP, have IFAC boxes and THERMO KING frigo units. The boxes with ATP allow the transport of food over long distances, always at a controlled temperature.

FRIGORENT provides refrigerated vehicles of every size, for offering a product according to your requirements : from commercial vehicles of small size up to 3,5t.


On 15-18th JUNE 2011, IFAC will take place to SOLUTRANS MEDITERRANEE, Casablanca, Morocco, the most important exhibition in the Mediterranean, accredited by the Union for the Mediterranean and actively supported by the French and Moroccan govern, with a full offer of products, services and technologies to improve the road logistic chain.

The fair will gather the full spectrum of professionalities involved in the truck and the public transport industry – including manufacturing, automotive, spare parts, car hire and organizations – becoming the strategic focus in the industry for the Mediterranean region. For four days, IFAC will deal with all those interested in the field of refrigerated transport: an efficient matching between demand and supply, to keep pace with technological development in insulated transport and offer everyday the best to its customers.


For 30 years, IFAC has offered to its clients a huge range of refrigerated boxes. The plant of Acquaviva Delle Fonti, started up a short time ago, has already achieved high innovation levels, due to new technologies and automated systems that make IFAC boxes safer and easier to use.

IFAC anticipates the future of refrigeration thanks to technologically advanced materials and systems and looks towards the future to offer the best.

It respects the environment, innovates, and takes care of clients : thats IFAC, learned from experience.

If you need information, or if you are interested in receiving assistance for assembly IFAC kits, or for repairs and spare parts, don’t hesitate to contact us and to visit our site at http://www.ifacspa.it/en. Because IFAC is synonymous with efficiency and quality, at the service of people and of their work.

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Cheap 1/8 Scale Nitro Powered Rc Trucks Are At The Top Of The Rc Truck List

By Jerbob Johnson

Cheap 1/8 scale nitro powered rc trucks are at the top of the list for individuals who are prepared to leap with both feet into the world of r/c nitro powered trucks. 1/8 scale nitro rc trucks are not inexpensive unless you find one with a blown engine, no body, etc. However, there are still incredible deals to be had that will have you dancing the rc nitro monster truck rock.

RC nitro 2 speed trucks are more amusing than a barrel of monkeys. There is just amazing about the noise of an rc nitro powered engine that foam up enthusiasm. Perhaps it is the 40000 rpm rc nitro truck motors that can distribute speeds in excess of over 40 mph. It might even be the consideration of an rc nitro truck pull someplace where you could be devastating trucks or be the crushee.

The thrills and spills of a 4wd offroad rc trucks nitro is comparatively new compared to it’s cousin of R/C cars. People feel affection for monster truck events and at this time they can buy their own rc truck with not spending near as much as the big boy truck and still have lots of fun. A gas powerd rc monster truck is not near as costly to repair compare to the area Ford dealer.

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The cen nitro rc trucks as well as the 867 4.6 savage rc monster truck are very well-liked with the hobby enthusiast and considered a serious investment. These bad boys know how to run. RC custom monster trucks are accessible in kits from Tamiya, HPI nitro monster truck, and Traxxas. You can even locate nitro rc monster truck track blueprints starting with most manufacturers so you truly can build your personal custom nitro trucks.

Have you ever seen an rc gas powerd monster truck rock crawling over the terrain? How about a rc gas powerd monster truck on ice? These nitro RC offroad trucks are a site to observe. Your mind’s eye will go wild with the potential of fun day after day.

RC Nitro powered trucks are not only for the big folks but kids can get caught up in them as well. Many websites offer to be had kids rc monster trucks. The Spider man three remote control monster truck is a great example of kids getting in on the rc monster truck exploits.

Whether you are just commencing or a serious hobbyist, there are deals to be found. You can buy now or even enjoy an auction. If you never participated in an internet auction, now is the time. The auction allows you to bid what you are willing to pay for your rc truck. You just might be able to win the auction and have the satisfaction of paying only what you intended to. They are fun and a safe if you using a reputable site such as eBay and accepting payment through PayPal. Take your time but get started on your new hobby or enjoying your new nitro powered RC truck.

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