Should Dolls Be Role Models?}

Should Dolls Be Role Models?


Victor Epand

Children have to learn off something or someone. Whether it is from school, or from their classmates, they gain new knowledge wherever they go. You know how kids are; they imitate just about everything they see and hear. It would be normal for a little girl to want to have a little sister named Kelly and drive a pink car some day if Barbie was their favorite doll.

Should dolls be role models? Many people think not, especially not Barbie. If anything, American Girl dolls would be great for your daughter. American Girl is part Disney, part Barbie, part Nancy Drew and part Tipper Gore. Its great cause, other than making money, is the defense of girlish innocence. It presents its characters as wholesome alternatives to the trash-talking, navel-baring role models who tower over television and pop music.

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Then again, dolls are just another form of toys. We all know toys are made to make a child’s day. Dolls are not really role models. They are toys, and toys are just tools for our children to express themselves creatively. The children who play with Barbie dolls and show signs of the behaviors associated with Barbie are not modeling Barbie, but rather what they are being shown in other areas of their lives.

Dolls should be just toys. They help promote the imagination of young minds. The same thing goes for action figures, no matter what anyone says, they are just toys to be played with. They are not going to affect a child’s life nor are the going to affect their future. The only true role models in their lives are their elders. They look to their elders to see what is right and what is wrong. They imitate the actions of individuals older than themselves because, well, that is just their nature.

Let’s face it, dolls are not going to get kids through school or find a good paying job later on in life. The only thing dolls are good for is entertainment for kids. We can’t count on plastic and fabric to show kids what to do and what not to do. That would be like counting on a so-called psychic to tell you your future with a crystal ball and some cards. We should take responsibility for what goes into the minds of young children. Protect them from the filth that is the world of pop music today. Be a good role model to your kids.

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