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UPS meaning Uninterrupted Power Supply is the integral part of life for those people who use computers extensively. Though a laptop has its own battery to feed it power in case electricity cut off, but a desktop computer rely on a dedicated power supply. Incase of a power cut, your system will close down abruptly. You will not get time even to save your running applications and all the more, your system may crash or your files may corrupt. There are many companies who are providing good quality and highly efficient UPS. These include iBall, Intex, APC, Techcom and Microtek. Out of all these brands, Microtek UPS are much in demand.

Microtek is an award winning company for this product. There are many models of UPS offered by Microtek. These models have different sizes. The size of the UPS depends upon your requirements and usage.

Here are two popular models of Microtek UPS.

Microtek 600VA Heritage plus UPS

This is a very popular UPS and has many satisfied consumers to its credit. This Active Heritage Type UPS is equipped with unit input fuse protection. Other features of this compact device are active noise protection and short circuit fuse protection. It provides excellent back up with its good battery with recharge facility. It has sealed maintenance free lead acid type battery. Due to the automatic mains voltage regulation of its battery, this UPS keeps running even when the input voltage is high or low. It has voltage protective features like Battery low Voltage Automatic Shut Down and Over Voltage and under voltage Protection. It is a smart UPS with modem and data line protection.

Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS

This is another popular UPS model from Microteck. It gives good backup time of around 25-50 minutes. On low battery, its alarm starts beeping. On voltage fluctuations, it turns to the battery backup mode. Its features include extended Input Voltage range of 135-300 Volts, smart boost function for low input voltage and Buck function for High input voltage. It provides over Voltage protection, Over Load / Short Circuit Protection and Battery Deep Discharge / Over Charge Protection.

Price range all these Mictrotek UPS is not much compared to its benefits. You can buy from retailers or from online store. But before making any purchase, do make a point to read online reviews. It will help you get the best product and the best deal.

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