The Femininity Of Victorian Nightgowns

By Carmen Petitclerc

Nostalgic Victorian nightgowns are a great choice for those moments when you want to be away from the madding crowd and lost in the comfort of beautiful lingerie and intimate apparel. The Victorian nightgown gives you the freedom from traditional and tightly knit nightgowns that are currently available nowadays.

Today the variety of night gowns that you can find both online and in specialty stores is so wide that it becomes difficult to choose. But tried once, the delicately feminine cotton nightgowns of the Victorian era are sure to captivate your interest. Though usually chosen in crisp and cool white, these womens nightgowns are also available in a variety of several pale colors, different designs, styles and of course sizes to fit every shape and silhouette. These nightgowns have become a symbol of pure comfort, elegance and coziness and are often chosen for special occasions such as wedding nights, and anniversaries.

So what actually makes Victorian nightgowns so popular and in such demand, considering that today most women automatically opt for the latest trendy lingerie and intimate apparel? The obvious answer is romance. There is an incredibly romantic element attached to anything of the Victorian era, a time when a woman’s femininity and romantic lingerie were celebrated. A second reason is the comfort factor. After a hard day’s work, most women love to relax and there is nothing better than a light weight cotton nightgown that is flowing and comfortable.

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Which styles of Victorian nightgowns are popular? There are a surprising variety to choose from. There are the traditional light weight cotton nightdress styles for the warm summers that are big and billowy and trimmed in beautiful laces and ribbons. These are the ones that most women are familiar with. There are also the retro style nightgowns which are essentially cotton but also have a mix of polyester in the fabric that makes them a bit heavier and sturdier.

Then there are the flannel nightgowns that are usually available in traditional plaid fabric, trimmed with lace, that are ideal for keeping warm during the cold winter months. Most women don’t realize that some flannel nightgown styles fall under the category of Victorian nightgowns, but they do. These nightgowns were extremely popular during the Victorian era as central heating had not yet been invented and most homes had to make do with the heat of the fireplace. As a result toasty warm flannel nightgowns and sleepwear were a wonderful way to keep for the winter nights. These nightgowns feature the durability and affordability of cotton which is great for everyday use, and this makes them a great choice for virtually all women.

So, where does one start to look for Victorian nightgowns. While some are available in traditional stores, the selection is quite limited. Lovers of vintage clothing can usually find Victorian nightgowns in specialty and vintage clothing shops, garage sales and auctions. A better and wider variety is available through online shopping websites, though special attention must be paid to nightgown size charts and lingerie return policies.

About the Author: Carmen Petitclerc is a lingerie designer and enthusiast who hails from beautiful Toronto, Canada. Follow her intimate apparel tips on Victorian nightgowns and lingerie blog at Love of Lingerie


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