4 Useful Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Title Tags

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One of the first things any good search engine optimisation company will notice about your site is the title tags. They re so important when it come to SEO that you really can t afford to lose any of their potential. Google s advice in their guide to good SEO is that they are very important, surely evidence enough that you need to take great care over their construction!

As Google assert throughout their own guide, good practice is what s going to get score you points with search engines when it comes to getting onto search results pages. With this in mind, you won t need to be told that the title of a page ought to offer a concise and accurate

eflection of its contents.

The title tag is a crucial element of a site for both users and search engines. Almost every SEO expert agrees that they are the most important place to feature keywords.

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Before moving on to our four tips to help you get the most out of title tags, let s consider the important places where we find title tags. In the uppermost space on internet browser software we ll find a title tag. While it s not the place on a page that receives the most direct attention from users, it s still a very prominent position. Another very important place we find title tags is on search engine results pages. Keywords in title tags will be highlighted there after a user has performed a query. Seeing the title tag for your site leads users to you, and that s what s important.

Having established that title tags are extremely important, let s move on to our four tips. We hope you ll enjoy reading them and they ll give you some good ideas!

1. Short is usually sweet. Search engines will not display title tags that are over 70 characters long. If a title tag does exceed that length, a series of dots will indicate that it had to be cut short. Search engine optimisation services agree that staying within 70 characters is advisable. Having said that, if your SEO strategy involves featuring multiple keywords in the title tag you might want to consider making it longer. Bear in mind that Google advise you to keep it short!

2. Feature important keywords near the beginning of the title tag. Know the importance of keywords and get advice from a good search engine optimization agency about getting the most out of them. One of the things they ll almost certainly advise is that you position keywords close to the beginning. This is because it s almost certainly more helpful from a ranking standpoint. Not only that, it gets the attention of users too!

3. Think about your brand. Why not consider the potential for using the title tag for a little extra exposure? You ll need to decide whether this fits in with your overall strategies, but if it does then why not open the title tag with a mention of your brand. You might decide that it s more important to feature keywords there, and some search engine optimization services advocate featuring the name of the brand at the end of a title tag instead of the front. You can get advice and decide what s best for your company!

4. Think about reaction. An emotive title tag might invite more actual hits than a bland one, unless your area of business involves a high degree of specialised functionality. Think about keyword usage, but also consider the impact of your title tag as a whole. This applies particularly to those of you who have opted for a shorter, punchier title tag. Consider the experience of the user now as at every stage of designing a site. The title tag needs to be useful but it also needs to fit into the user s experience well. If yours is a trendy site, for example, you ll want a trendy title tag! Try to use the title tag to convey something about your attitude and your product. It s a vital opportunity since more people are likely to see it than most of your other content.

In conclusion, take care of your title tags and they ll take care of you. Don t let traffic pass you by through allowing your title tags to languish like broken signposts at the side of a busy road. Think about employing a reputable search engine optimisation company to help get the most out of title tags, keywords and everything else!

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