# 6 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Internet Dating Sites

# 6 Tips for getting the most out of Internet dating sites


Hary Davidson

Across the world, Internet dating sites are becoming a common way for singles to meet. What can you do to make sure you’re using these dating sites to their full potential?

1. Think about your profile

Internet dating sites let you put your best foot out there for the world to see. You never have to worry about being put on the spot with a profile. So make sure to put some time into describing what you have to offer others, but also what you’re looking for. But remember, you want to look like a human being, not a press release! So have fun with it, and let your real personality shine through.

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2. Communicate!

If you’re interested in someone you’ve found on an Internet dating site, don’t waste any time. Send them a message! With most Internet dating sites, e-mail is an appropriate first step. You could also instant message people to strike up a conversation about something interesting in their profile. Everyone is there for the same reason – to meet new people – so don’t be shy.

3. Start a casual conversation

If you’re interested in starting a conversation with a group of people, the Internet dating site KissCafe.com has a cool feature that allows you to pose a question that anyone can answer. Called ‘Eureka!’ questions, these let you get the ball rolling in a casual way, or ask questions about dating and relationships. These can spark a conversation, or something more. Make use of it! KissCafe.com is free, with no hidden charges, so you can start using this technique right away.

4. Keep some mystery

Make sure people know what you are interested in, but remember that people are looking for a quick peek at your personality – not your life story. Try to stay succinct in your profile and save the details for real conversations. Not only will more people read everything you have to say when it’s shorter, you’ll also have plenty more to talk about on your date.

5. Stay positive

You may have a bad day when you’re making your dating profile – heck, you may have had a bad year. Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you’re stressed out about school. Either way: People are looking for someone fun and interesting, so try to focus on what you have going for you.

6. Be unique

Some people try to blend in on an Internet dating site. Don’t bother! The advantage of Internet dating sites is that you don’t have to go through a bunch of boring dates to find someone great. Make it even easier by standing out – bring up all your fun quirks and what makes you unique as a person.

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