How Will You Propose

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How will you propose


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Wedding rings and bespoke engagement rings are one of the most

enduring features of your entire wedding. They are more than just any

piece of jewellery; they are a symbol of your love for one another and

an element of commitment and being married. Therefore, when choosing

your bespoke engagement ring and your wedding ring, you should look

for something that is of high quality and timeless in style.

There are many styles of custom engagement rings and there certain

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aspects that need to be taken into consideration when choosing it and

it is important to get it right. The husband to be does not have to go

out and pick the ring on his own. The couple can shop for it together,

as this is a way that is guaranteed to ensure you pick the perfect

engagement ring. This may seem unromantic to some, but it can make a

lot of sense.

If you are thinking of proposing to your loved one and want to

purchase the ring before you pop the big question, then think about

the jewellery she already wears, from what kind of precious metal she

prefers, such as silver, yellow gold or white gold, or she likes

jewellery that is modern or contemporary and always check you know her

ring size.

Another fantastic idea is to have a bespoke engagement ring or custom

engagement ring. This is the perfect was to show your loved one just

how much you know them by designing the perfect ring all by yourself,

or maybe with a little help from the jeweller. If you like this idea,

then here at Ingle and Rhode, we can assist you with your choice and

help you find or design the perfect engagement ring, that is

guaranteed to make your loved one say yes.

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