Walking For Exercise Will Help Your Arthritis

Walking For Exercise Will Help Your Arthritis


Frank Ferrari, D.P.M.

Walking is one of the best exercises for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

A big cause of leg and foot discomfort is the arthritises, osteo and rheumatoiod. The best relief of this pain for all my readers is exercising their feet and legs by walking.

That is right the best exercise for foot stiffness is WALKING.

One of the best exercises for arthritis is walking, says the American College of Osetoarthritis and Rheumatology.I know that the benefits of a walking for exercise are great.

It is a very good means of movement for everybody who is suffering with the both of these types of arthritis. You feel the soreness of arthritis usually in the toes or the midfoot. Then the soreness moves back to the heel area and up your legs. You can then get the benefits of walking as an exercise, if you have the soreness or not.

Both feet are the first areas to be affected. In some cases, the toes can curl up and stiffen, a condition called hammertoes. A flat foot can cause arthritis to effect the arch area to collapse and effect the back of the foot to be affected. It can causes discomfort and difficulty walking.

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A soft foot orthotic will help you as an arthritic get the benefits of walking. An arch support. called an orthotic, can ease your foot discomfort.

\”Similar to heat softening up metal before it can be molded, rheumatoid arthritis gets joints hot and angry, which accelerates the normal wear and tear on the joints,\” says Hayes Wilson, MD, chief of the division of rheumatology at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and medical adviser to the Arthritis Foundation.

But just why the feet and ankles are so affected remains unknown, says Dr. Wilson. The shoe companies do make comfortable walking shoes for all those people suffering from foot arthritis. Regular arthritis that most people get makes the joints warm and pretty sore also. The solution to the problem is to walk. Walking helps ease the joint stiffness and makes the joints move less painful.

A good warm soak will help too, after your walks, it helps relieve the joint stiffness. You can also take an occasional arthritic pill that your health care provider prescribed. Walking can be very important for helping arthritis foot discomfort and increasing your mobility.

In cases where the toes have begun to curl or the feet have developed arch problems, doctors may recommend special walking shoes or foot orthotics(arch supports). The soft/medium foot orthotics are designed to help foot anyone with arthritis.

When a walking foot discomfort needs a foot orthotic. This will give you the extra support where it is needed. Arthritis can be helped by walking.

Arthritic discomfort can be relieved by foot orthritic. They range from soft foot supports that go from your heel to your toes on the bottom of your foot. To semi-rigid light plastic foot orthotics. The afflicted person does walk more comfortably when they choose a comfortable orthotic.


People are becoming increasingly interested in natural and alternative therapies. \”We use complementary alternative medicine therapies with conventional therapies,\” says Dr. Wilson. He also says that there has been some success with acupuncture and massage to relieve both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis foot pain.

While arthritis foot pain is common among individuals that have arthritis. There are many therapies available to help relieve their discomort and increase their mobility.This is so true, that in my podiatry practice I treated a fair amount of more foot arthritics than foot rheumatoid arthritic patients.

If you are a person who has arthritis there is plenty of help for you. A good walking shoe with or without an orthotic will help you get the health benefits of walking. Brisk walking or just normal walking is an exercise that will help to keep you up and about.

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Walking for exercise is the best form of exercise for foot and leg for

people suffering with both types of arthritis; rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. I know that both of these arthritis are a big causes of foot & leg pain. The best relief is a walking exercising.

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