Roussanne Wine Rich, Full Bodied And Floral

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The name of the Roussanne white wine grape comes from the French word roux to describe the red color of the grapes when they are fully ripe. It originated in the Rhone Valley, but is now grown all over the world.

This is one of the six wines permitted to be used in the blend of the wine appellations that come from the Rhone, along with Marsanne ( and Viognier. The wine can taste thin and tart and for this reason it is rarely produced on its own in the wineries of Europe, even though wineries of California do produce varietals.

The vines of the Roussanne grape ripen late in the season. It is not one of the popular vines among winemakers because it tends to give an irregular yield and it has poor resistance to wind, which can also affect the size of the crop. It is very difficult to cultivate because it is also susceptible to powdery mildew and rot.

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Even though it ripens late and requires a longer growing season that most other varieties of grapes, wineries must take care that they harvest the grapes at just the right time so that the alcohol levels will not be too high. At the same time, if the grapes are harvested too early, the wine produced from them is very acidic.

The grapes respond well to sunlight, growing best is warm, sunny climates. On the vine, the grapes facing the sun tend to grow better than those on the other side of the vine. This means that winemakers must constantly prune the vines so that all the grapes receive sufficient sunlight. Harvesting usually takes place in stages, with the ripened grapes being picked first with the unripened ones, used for possibly a Pinotage (, allowed to remain on the vine for a longer period of time.

During the process of making the Roussanne grapes into wine, oxidation can become a problem, affecting the quality of the resulting wine. The wine is also better when it is fermented barrels and aged in oak. The wine does have an intense aroma, very similar to that of herbal tea. Although it is fruity, it is not as fruity as other white wines.

These flavors and aromas are present mostly in young wine. As it ages it takes on more of a nutty taste and aroma. If you want to consume it young, when it has aged for 3 to 5 years is the best time. After five years, the wine seems to enter a dormant stage when it doesn t taste as well. After aging for about 7 years, it does take on the characteristics of an aged wine.

In warm climates, the Roussanne wine that is produced is especially rich and full-bodied, with tastes and aromas of pears and honey. In cooler climates, the wine is lighter and more acidic with hints of floral aromas. The method used for aging the wine also plays a part in the taste and aroma. The wine aged in oak barrels are rich and have excellent texture. When wine is aged in stainless steel tanks, this brings out the minerals of the wine and its floral tones.

This wine is a good choice to serve with dishes containing shellfish, especially oysters. It also works well with chowder, but is not a good choice to pair with spicy dishes, such as Oriental cuisine.

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Water Tanks: Sydney Area

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Water Tanks: Sydney Area


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