The English Renaissance Period The Impacts And Influences On Culture

The English Renaissance Period – The Impacts and Influences on Culture



London experienced a cultural and artistic movement in between early 16th and early 17th century which is known as the English Renaissance Period. The English Renaissance was much influenced by the pan-European Renaissance which is said to have originated in the 14th century in northern Italy. Often known as the “age of the Shakespeare” or “the Elizabethan era,” the English Renaissance created stimulation in art, architecture, literature and music of whole of England. The transition in the England was accepted with reluctance and it was rather a medley of the forgotten Gothic and the naive Renaissance.

No field in England was untouched by the revolution caused by Renaissance. The English literature was marked by the works of poets like Edmund Spenser and John Milton, playwrights like William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe and philosophers like Sir Thomas More and Sir Francis Bacon. Some produced works which explained the English Christian beliefs; some represented English thought on life and death and also covered the glorious history of London; and some printed their works on their ideas on humanity and on Utopian society.

Renaissance also had great impact on the music. From renowned ballads to church songs and sophisticated court music, many inventive steps were taken and the music during the Renaissance period had become varied and more delightful. The comedy and tragedy plays used music to make it livelier. A new school of music also developed in this period which was known as the English Madrigal School. The English Madrigal was either copies of Italian musical works or their direct translations. Mostly in three to six voices, the English madrigals were light in style.

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Renaissance also influenced the architectural style of that period. Emphasis was laid upon symmetry, proportion, geometry and on maintaining the regularity in the architecture. Inigo Jones is credited for propounding Renaissance architecture in England. He had studied architecture in Italy, the country influenced by the Andrea Palladio who transformed the architectural style of both palaces and churches. He designed great buildings such as the Queen’s House at Greenwich and the Banqueting House at Whitehall.

Even the style of making furniture was influenced by Renaissance. It cannot be denied that England was much influenced by the Italian style of art and architecture. Though Oak wood was used to make furniture but now apple, pear, chestnut, walnut, holly and pine were also used to improve the quality of the furniture. Earlier the ornate-furniture was only limited to the churches and ecclesiastical houses. With the improvement in the position of the citizen, English people also beautified their home with magnificent furniture.

However, many historians argue that English Renaissance was nothing but just a transition towards a modern world. They contend that English Renaissance does not level with the artistic achievements and aims similar to their Italian counterparts. The English literature had been seeing its growth since the time of Geoffrey Chaucer. Nevertheless, most of the historians still are of the opinion that there was an artistic flowering in London and other regions of England in the period between early 16th and early 17th century.

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The English Renaissance Period – The Impacts and Influences on Culture

The Different Methods Of Cpa Tracking

Submitted by: Kellie Purden

CPA or Cost per Action is an advertising scheme wherein the publishers are being paid when a specific action is done by the visitors of the websites. These actions are then taken as a result of the marketing scheme. This is different from the usual affiliate marketing that may not need to make a sale to be paid within the CPA network. These payments are made whenever a lead is being generated whenever a phone number or email address is submitted to get a free downloadable product or information from the website.

Before the publishers get paid, there should be a CPA Tracking involved so that the CPA network would know how much the publisher will be paid. For the networks to promote different products and track the market that is interested to learn more or purchase the products that you are selling or promoting, different CPA Tracking methods are done.

Reviewing of Websites

Different websites connected to the CPA network usually contain three or more products that have the same niche. Example of which is Makeup or beauty products. A brief introduction is given regarding each product as well as its reviews and star ratings. These products will then be ranked accordingly. These websites contain links to the personalized landing page or will be linked directly to the website of the merchant.

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Sales or Landing Page

A landing page is usually like a direct sales page. Landing pages introduce a number of information on the product that it is promoting. It is somehow challenging because it needs to have enough information for the readers to be interested enough to click the link and sign up to the mailing list. It is said to be useful for websites to have one direct path from a landing page. A lot of options may only result to the readers to lose interest.

Splash Page

The Splash Page is another method of CPA tracking where a website’s contents usually have attention grabbing graphics that include headlines with such punch lines that encourages the readers to fill out a form that includes their details through the merchant’s website. Websites that use a splash page are usually the ones that sell products that do not need too much explanation or these products are already known to the public. Examples of these products are popular gadgets such as the iPhone.

Fun or Quiz Landing Page

This is quite similar to the splash page, only it is made to be simpler. Usually, this type of landing page consists of a question that have choices of answers that when clicked would lead to different domineering buttons.

These are the examples of websites or landing pages that are used by the CPA network to track the leads or market that visits a particular website. This tracking system is very helpful so that they would know how much the publishers are going to earn. CPA tracking is one of the ways to know the people who usually visit a specific website.

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Cheapest Lax Airport Shuttle In San Diego

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The Key For Trendy Plus Size Teen Clothing

The Key For Trendy Plus Size Teen Clothing


Andrea Dilea

Teenagers today are all about fashion. They spend their allowances and their parent’s money on whatever trend is at its peak when they hit the malls. Unfortunately, this has left out the plus sized teens, who struggle just to find clothes that fit, let alone those that are stylish and trendy for them to allow them fit in well with their peers. Although the plus sized fashion industry has evolved quite a bit over the years to cater to adults who wear plus size attire, the addition of ‘tweens and teens to their plus size lines has taken a bit longer.

Since plus sized teens have so much spending power in today’s world, many manufacturers have started to expand their clothing lines to market towards them. Since it is hard sometimes for plus sized teens to fit in with their slimmer counterparts, clothing designers have started to come up with designs that are trendy and still fit well.

The plus size teen is now able to shop at many web based stores. One of the most popular of these is Torrid where the plus sized teen can choose from a wide variety of fashionable denim styles. There they will find shirts, shorts and jeans in denim as well as a selection of lacy tops and dresses and even swimwear.

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Another popular online plus size fashion store is b&lu. This store has many trendy fashions for the plus size young woman, including t-shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts. The designs are geared for the younger woman who wants to fit in with her peers.

If your plus size teen doesn’t want the big bold flower patterns that sometimes show up on adult plus sized clothes, she can find it online. Another plus sizes online store to check out is igigi. This is one of the more fashionable plus sized clothing shops. They have a section of prom dresses for the plus size teen. is another online store that sells plus size clothing for the young woman.

Teenagers can get comfy clothing that is up to date and in fashion. These stores provide anything from a summer dress, skirt, top, t-shirt, pair of jeans or shorts that will fit a plus sized teenager. A search of the web will deliver a number of web-based outfits that supply up to date clothes for plus sized teens ranging from tie-dyed shirts to elegant evening clothes for the prom or homecoming.

If your teenager wears plus sizes, she no longer needs to feel shut out of the fashionable set. Now she can wear fashions the same as her slim compatriots wear. There are countless web-based clothing stores for her to peruse. Just because there’s nothing suitable at the shopping center doesn’t mean she won’t be able to find something just right on the web.

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