Varieties Of Candle Holders}

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Varieties of Candle Holders



Just like as candles are available in very different kinds and large varieties, similarly decorative candle holders, to match their elegance, are found in different types in the market. A combination of nice candle along with a good looking candle stand is undoubtedly capable of catching eye views.

Types of Candle Holders

There is a large array of candle holders at shops to make selection from to suit your candle. Some of them are-

Votive Candle Holder – These candle holders are generally made up of glass. They are commonly in from of cups to hold the votive candles. The votive candle stand may consist of a single stand or may have multiple candle holders.

Pillar Candle Stands – They are meant for pillar candles and range in making up from cast iron to glass ones. The pillar candle holders have a fireproof plate and a friction preventing socket to hold the candle erect.

Tea light Candle Holders – Being cheap, they find good place in restaurants to create a romantic atmosphere. They are available in small sizes as well as multiple candle stands.

Floating Holders – These generally have some kind of liquid to allow the floating of candle upon. Added features on this type of candle holders include flower petals and perfumes.

Taper Candle Holders – The taper candle holders are especially designed for the taper or dinner candles. These varieties of candle holders have specific holding space. So the candles need to be checked to properly fit in the holding space.

Candle Lantern – The candle lanterns help holding candles and using for performing different jobs. Its strength and built up should be well verified while purchasing one.

Wall Candle Holder – These candle holders are meant to be mounted on walls. They should be powerful enough to hold the candles properly and suitable for serving the purpose intended.

The best part of using candle holders is that they provide good support to the candles, add to their creative and mesmerizing appearance and certify safety in addition.

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for your nice-looking candles.

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