The Benefits Of Having An Ice Fishing House

The Benefits of Having an Ice Fishing House


Justin Gowanlock

Any ice angler knows that if you are planning on spending hour upon hour on ice, then you better be prepared for the cold. Most people think that while ice fishing, just some thermal undies and a parka will be good enough, but protective gear like that is not always going to cut it.

Sometimes to ward off hypothermia you\’re going to need more than just the clothing on your back. This is when an ice fishing shelter is going to be the best idea that you can have.

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There are many companies out there that are more than happy to sell you in icefishing hut. But did you know that it is actually quite easy to make your own. The only tools that you need are ones that are probably already in your garage or workshop. And the only materials that you will need are two by fours and large sheets of plywood.

With a little bit of ingenuity and elbow grease you can build your very own icefishing hut that will provide you with not just days of comfort on the frozen lakes, but months and possibly years of enjoyment.

A few things to remember while building your own

icefishing shack

is that much like a house, you are going to have to start with the flooring. The floors joists should be 16 inches apart to support your or your buddies weight. This is the same type of construction that you can use on the walls in order to make sure that they are properly reinforced against even the strongest gusts that winter can provide.

The roof is a little bit different. You are going to want to look at pictures of structural designs of a roof in order to properly gauge how to build it. If you require angled cuts as well so this means that you should go through your child\’s school supplies and find something called a protractor. If you don\’t know a protractor is, ask your kid they have to spend at least half an hour a day in math class (poor kids) and I guarantee that they will be able to cut angles better than you can.

There are a few other materials that you may want to consider using during construction of your icefishing shack. These materials include things like shingles from the roof and insulation for the walls. If you do choose insulation, and I would highly recommend it, the best choice would be the hard foam insulation. This is because the fibrous stuff could get into the air or on your skin and that is just an unpleasant thing to have to deal with all trying to relax and enjoy some ice fishing.

If you choose to, you can add a lot of conveniences to your icefishing hut. I have seen some huts with television, fridges, radios and other amenities to make ice time that much more fun.

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