Floor Radiant Heating No Noisy Radiators Required Anymore

Floor Radiant Heating – No Noisy Radiators Required Anymore



In most homes, there are two main types of heating systems that are used, floor radiant heating and forced air. With the traditional forced air systems, a furnace had been used for heating the air which was then circulated through the home with the help of ducts. However, the radiant system works in a very different way. Rather than heating the air, this system uses a device for radiating the heat outwards in the home. The radiators are the classic example of this kind of system.

Disadvantages of the Traditional Heating Systems

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However, there is a downside to using wall mounted heating systems as well as the forced air heating systems. With the forced air systems, the heating would depend on the supply of the warm air through the ducts. This can lead to uneven and intermittent heating in various areas. Also, since the air would be moving through the ducts, it would mean that there would be more dust inside the home. There are quite a lot of people who suffer from breathing problems as well as allergies. For these people using a heating system with duct work would not be the healthiest choice. Unlike the floor radiant heating, the wall mounted radiators also have their own disadvantages. They do not provide even heat through the home since they are located in just one area of the room. Also, these systems can be very loud and uncomfortable.

A Better Alternative

Fortunately, there is a better alternative now for homeowners. Floor radiant heating is today used throughout the world since it does not provide any of the disadvantages of the older heating systems. This system like this works quite similarly like a radiator, which means that it radiates the heat inside the room rather than heating the room s air. However, there are no radiators mounted on the wall. Instead, this system makes use of heating elements which are placed under the floor. This would provide even and more efficient heating to any room.

There would be no visible equipments in the room but it offers a luxurious, warm ambiance inside any room. There would be no clanks, no allergy causing elements and no cold pockets in the room. This type of heating would be done in mainly two ways. Hydronic system for heating is very common where a boiler would be used for heating the water which would then be pumped through pipes under the floor of a room. The heat would then radiate upward. This is a very efficient and cost effective way of heating a home.

Another way of heating the room is by using electricity. This would be quite similar to an electric blanket which would be installed under the floor at home. The heating elements would be which are placed under the floor would provide even heat. There would be no boiler required and installation is very easy and can be done at home even by DIY enthusiasts. Homeowners who are looking for an efficient, stress free and no maintenance heating system for their home should definitely consider floor radiant heating system for their home.

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