How To Use The B2 B Marketplaces To Promote Jewelry Brands}

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Business to Business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between jewelry manufacturers and jewelry wholesalers, or connecting wholesalers and jewelry retailers.

Like in any other marketplace B2B jewelry market has the same behavior as regular markets. There is usually a committee of personalities in an organization, and particular of the members may have different attitudes towards any jewelry brand. In addition, each party involved may have various reasons for buying or not buying any brand. Since there are more people concerned in the decision-making process and technical details have to be discussed in length.

The jewelry buyers in B2B marketplaces are normally well versed with costing levels and specifications, Thanks to constant monitoring of the market the buyer always have excellent knowledge of the jewelry too. Companies have to differentiate their jewelry brands in order not to confuse the other players in the market.

There are various B2B marketplaces that help in serving different jewelry suppliers and jewelry buyers with ease.


Alibaba – These is Chinese owned and was launched in 1999. is the world’s largest global e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized business around the world. Alibaba does not sell products and services themselves just like a regular market. It runs a platform that connects the numerous B2B buyers and sellers. There is a large quantity of Chinese jewelry sellers. Jewelry brands from other countries is sparse.


ThomasNet – For over a century ThomasNet have joined millions of manufacturing and industrial buyers and sellers. It is the worlds leading online platform for B2B seller discovery and product sourcing. However, it is also General industry online platform. Jewelry brands there lost among other products.


India Mart – It is India largest B2B marketplace with 60% market share according to IAMAI. The online platform attracts 1.6 million visitors daily including sellers and buyers. It provides basic and premium membership services in which the sellers can create their homepage, showcase products online and contact global buyers. This portal has the same problem as the previous one. It is not specialized for the jewelry market.


TradeKey – is the largest B2B marketplace for small and medium sized corporations. It provides basic and premium membership assistances in which different sellers can formulate their own mini-site to showcase products, locate global buyers.


ePlaza is a dedicated jewelry B2B marketplace. Manufacturers, wholesalers and jewelry stores publish their listings and new jewelry collections. This jewelry portal is offering exciting opportunities for members. Members can publish their own articles and news on this site, which gives additional traffic to their listings. In addition, news releases members will be automatically submitted to thousands of sites that will publish these releases.

Many B2B marketplaces are global in scale. There are presented companies from different categories. This can be seen as a big plus and big minus. Of course, these B2B marketplaces generate great traffic, but this traffic is distributed among millions of members. People are looking for different products as clothing, food stuffs, gadgets, equipment, jewelry, etc.

The specialized B2B marketplaces allow you to generate targeted traffic for members. Visitors to these websites are looking for specific products. They come there to find sellers of the target products. This can be either clothing or jewelry. If it’s a B2B jewelry marketplace, there will come the buyers of jewelry only. Therefore, specialized online portals are of interest to promote products to target markets.

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