The Beauty Of Platinum Engagement Rings}

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The Beauty of Platinum Engagement Rings



An Engagement ring carries a special place and importance in any woman or mans life at the time of marriage or engagement ceremony. . It is a symbolic gift which signifies love, devotion, commitment and union of the couple. The union of two souls and their lifelong commitment to bear everything and share everything good and bad are symbolized by this exchanging of an engagement ring. In almost every culture they have this custom of remembering this occasion by giving a very special gift.

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If you are looking for a unique engagement ring or wedding ring, then there is nothing more stunning and pure than an engagement ring made of platinum. Platinum Engagement rings are as gorgeous as they are strong and most women will feel blessed to receive one as an engagement ring. The fantastic thing about platinum engagement rings is that these rings are also the most versatile of all the engagement rings. Platinum rings are more in demand than ever before. Its beauty has made it somewhat of a status symbol. Platinum engagement rings enhance any type of outfit with less risk of a color clash. They give a stylish look to your ring and sparkle as much as gold when well polished.

Platinum engagement rings are white in color and since used in a pure form, the color remains true for the life of the ring. Platinum engagement rings will be much more expensive. It is true that platinum is very rare compared to gold or other precious metals. Its used in a pure form generally 95% pure, and is extremely durable. Platinum is also hypoallergenic because it is so pure, making platinum engagement rings ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. It is very popular among rich and high class people.

Platinum can be molded into many different styles and combined with other metals, such as titanium or even gold. Platinum’s rarity and durability makes it the perfect choice for an engagement ring that signifies the depth and uniqueness of your love. Platinum engagement rings or wedding rings help you to enhance your beauty.

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The Beauty of Platinum Engagement Rings

What Can You Clean With An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

By Dr Bob Sandor

The ultrasonic cleaner comes to the rescue of several businesses that require a high degree of cleaning fidelity needed to ensure the accuracy of their work. This would include jewelers, watchmakers, and makers of surgical instruments, industrial parts and of course, electronic equipment. There is also increasing popularity among consumers and hobbyists. Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean everything from jewelry, fishing reels, scuba equipment, old coins, engine parts, guns, dentures, and so on.

Also known as the sonicator, ultrasonic cleaners work on the simple premise of relevant cleaning solutions being agitated by ultrasonic sound waves usually in the 25 – 130 kHz bracket. Cavitation bubbles that form, dislodge any and all grime and grit in hard to reach places.

This may seem like heavy duty work but in fact ultrasonic cleaning is used to clean the likes of filigree work in jewelry or the lenses in watches and other optical based instruments. Dental and surgical instruments need careful cleaning and these are the places that you are likely to find an ultrasonic cleaner. In a laboratory, it is also used to clean syringes and other glass based instruments. Before a specimen is inspected under the microscope, an ultrasonic cleaner will ensure that the specimen is clear. Each type of product that is cleaned by ultrasonic means will have to be immersed in a tray of cleaning solution that pertains to it. Using the wrong solution will prove ineffective.

Ultrasonic cleaners are made up of a box-like set-up with a tray in which the cleaning solution is put. Objects to be cleaned are placed in this solution and the lid closed. Once switched on the ultrasonic waves will result in the objects coming out spotlessly clean. The size of these cleaners varies according to the use it is put to. There are several industry-based uses to begin with. The automotive industry uses ultrasonic cleaners for tasks such as cleaning fuel injectors. The technology industry employs it to clean disk drives as well as computer hardware components.

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In the jewelry and watch shops, you will see it used to clean lenses and frame as well as tiny watch parts and impossibly complicated circuit boards. It works to ensure that the small, delicate parts do not lead to a larger problem.

There are several sectors of industries such as sports manufacturing, marine, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as complex ones such engineering and weapons manufacturing that require the services of ultrasonic cleaners.

Besides its commercial uses, ultrasonic cleaners have also found immense use in home based cleaning. It is used to clean something as small as a pair of dentures to more delicate items like the pinhead of your old vinyl record player.

The cleaners come with levels in which an object can be cleaned and the choice depends entirely upon the kind of work being done. Their size also varies depending on the industry that it is catering to. From simple icebox sized cleaners, you have those that take up a substantial amount of floor space.

Ultrasonic cleaners can be used to clean a variety of objects. If you have an item that is hard to clean or has difficult to reach holes and crevices an ultrasonic cleaner maybe the ideal solution.

About the Author: Dr. Sandor explores his fascination with

ultrasonic cleaner

applications when free. He is Director at Tovatech, a leading North American supplier of

ultrasonic cleaners



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