How To Get Your Girlfriend Back: Shocking Truth

By Matt Huston

In this article, were going to talk about the common mistakes most all men make when trying to get their girlfriend back. Pay close attention because youre probably doing at least some of these things without even knowing it. If you want her back bad enough, youll read on.

1. Telling her you love her over and over again.

Dont act like a little puppy dog and beg for her back. Shell just lose respect for you and youll only end up pushing her further away from you than she already is. A lot of guys thing the reason she left them is because they didnt verbalize their love enough when in fact this is usually never true.

2. Buying her flowers and other such gifts.

Bribery isnt going to work when getting your girlfriend back. Thats actually how women interpret it you know. As bribery and they think its pathetic. Save the flowers for the relationship; not the breakup.

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3. Acting depressed and sad in order to make her feel sorry for you.

Acting like a little puppy dog isnt going to win you any points either. This just makes you look desperate and thus pushes her further and further away from you. Man up and pull yourself together.

4. Generally being overly nice in order to win her over.

Again, acting overly nice will be interpreted by your ex as you being a little puppy dog. Im not saying you should suddenly start acting like a jerk (that wont get you anywhere either). There is a line to be drawn and generally kissing up to your ex girlfriend will only cause her to lose respect for you.

5. Using guilt to get her back. Kids, money, etc.

I see a lot of guys trying to manipulate their ex girlfriends with kids, money and other such things. You can make her feel as guilty as you want but that will not get back the one thing you need in droves (attraction). This type of behavior will only make her resent you all the more.

6. Attempting to persuade her with reason and logic to get back with you.

Us men are very logical creatures. We think that everything can be fixed logically. Attempting to persuade your ex girlfriend to go back out with you (for whatever reason) will only push her away. She doesnt want to hear logic, she wants to feel emotion. Emotion is the key.

7. Doing absolutely nothing.

And finally, doing absolutely nothing will definitely ensure your failure. There are very specific steps you can follow to get your ex girlfriend back. These steps are based on advanced female psychology.

To sum everything up, you cant use cheap manipulation that women can see right though when attempting to get your ex back. Buying her presents, using guilt, making her feel sorry for you, telling her you love her (with an agenda), using logic and reason (when women will only respond to emotion). Dont feel bad though; almost every guy going through a breakup does these things. There are plenty of things you CAN do however.

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Industrial Diamonds In Cutting Tool Applications

By David Vinar

In 2008, world production of industrial diamonds will exceed $2.3 billion. The majority of these will be used in abrasive and cutting tool applications. Manufacturers of cutting tools and superabrasives have long recognized the advantages of diamond over other abrasive products, such as ceramic and cemented carbides, but have not been able to justify the added expense of using diamond products over these less expensive materials. Continually, however, efficiencies in synthetic diamond production and the development of untapped mines in Canada and South America, lower the cost of diamond materials. The result has sparked an increased interest in diamond tools.

The US market for cutting tools, such as drill bits for construction, saw blades and grinding wheels, has been dominated by materials such as aluminum oxide ceramics or tungsten carbide as the abrasive component. However, superabrasives such as cubic- or polycrystalline boron nitride and diamonds offer distinct advantages, such as greater wear resistance and cleaner finish. These characteristics result in increased tool life (in some cases by a factor of fifty.) The main disadvantage of superabrasives is price which can be as much as ten times greater than ceramic or carbide. Ironically, the tool would long outlive the times-ten price differential, but OEMs contend that the tool actually outlives the job for which it is needed, and that buying five carbide blades, for instance, is more cost effective than buying one diamond tool blade. Thus, the market for ceramic and carbide cutting tools continues to represent a huge potential for diamond tool makers.

Within the cutting tools sector, superabrasive products (i.e., diamond and CBN/PCBN) make up approximately 10% of the total world market. Diamond tools make up slightly less than 50% of the total. Over 94% of the industrial diamonds used will be synthetically produced. Even with the increased market for natural industrial diamonds which total 67.7 million carats in 2008, the industrial diamond industry will remain dominated by synthetic products which equal approximately 1,182.8 million carats in 2008.

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Dedalus Consulting ( recently released new research on Diamond Tools as part of its Advanced Materials Series. The report contains data on the world market by product type in the following end-user industries: Stone Quarrying, Processing & Construction, Machinery, Transportation, and Electronics & Semiconductors. The products covered include: saw blades, diamond wire saws, grinding wheels, drill bits, gang saws, core drills, metal band saws, and dressers. From 2002-2007, the world market for diamond tools grew at an average annual rate approaching 10%. From 2008-2013, the market will continue to grow strongly at an average of 6.3% annually. Within each of the main end-use markets for diamond tools (stone/construction, machinery, transportation, and electronics) growth rates vary considerably. From 2002-2007, both the stone/construction and transportation markets grew at the moderate rates of 5.1% and 4.8% respectively, while the electronics and machinery markets showed stronger growth at 8.6% and 15% respectively.

Exhibit One shows the total market for diamond tools by tool type. In 2009, saw blades, wire saws and grinding wheels made up over 66% of the total market for diamond tools. The main driving factors in the growth of the diamond tool industry continues to be: the decrease in the cost of synthetic diamonds; increasing efficiencies in diamond tool manufacturing; and advances in materials sciences.

Some main suppliers worldwide include Asahi Diamond, Husq Varna, Sandvik, Kennametal and Iscar, to name a few.

Using 2007 as the base year, the report assesses the overall growth potential for diamond tools and forecasts growth by product type and end-use market through 2013. It includes extensive information on the competitive environment, including recent market entrants, types of suppliers, differentiation points, general warranty standards, service contracts and barriers to market entry.

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