Is My Wife Or Girlfriend Having An Affair?

Is My Wife Or Girlfriend Having an Affair?


Richard Lifeswayz

Is she having an affair? Is a question many men will ask themselves when the spark goes out of the relationship. Something no man ever likes to find out in a relationship is a positive answer to this question because it can mean the end of the relationship or marriage. Even worse is the fact that you will start doing some soul searching and perhaps start blaming yourself for being the reason she is having an affair. For partners that have been together for many years finding out she is having an affair can be truly devastating. It is still possible to save the relationship if you start doing some damage control early enough during your suspicions.

Signs She May be having an Affair.

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Women love nice clothes, shoes and also looking good which are the norm. If you have been together for a long time then you will have an idea of what she likes to buy and her tastes in general. You can ask yourself, is she having an affair when these tastes start changing, and she starts to buy things like sexy underwear and even goes to the extent of getting a new wardrobe and hairstyle. When woman start going the extra mile in taking care of their appearances like exercising if they never have; or going on strict dieting plans all of a sudden, alarm bells can start ringing. Look for certain behavioral changes.

Look for defensiveness from her when you ask innocent questions, why she was working late?, or where did she go out to with the girls?, and what she did while she was out shopping for so long when she insisted she would be home in an hour which became 4 hours? You may find that she gets seemingly innocent phone calls where she wishes to be in private telling you that the calls are work related and you may even meet a new friend at a get together that she says is from work , but in your eyes the guy seems a little over friendly. Is she having an affair with him? would be the question stuck in your mind for real now.

Your Relationship is in Danger!

You have to have some proof before confronting her and asking if she is having an affair because if you have been interpreting everything wrong there can be some fireworks. If you find out she is having an affair for real you may initially feel elated that you knew it all along but then you will come down with a bump and feel a sickening dread that the relationship is over. Many marriages have been rescued after it was found she was having an affair, though the rebuilding of trust can take quite some time. There are great guides to help you through these tough times and counseling is also an option if you both agree to go through with it. There are a lot of reasons people have affairs and one of the chief ones are the fact that people that reach middle age feel that life is slipping away from them.

Avoid affairs in a Relationship

Partners that are neglectful may force the other partner to have an affair and it is easy to happen because the other man will go out of his way to shower her with attention. Pay more attention to your relationships and communicate with each other properly so that you understand the needs and wants of both of you. Look for guides on how to keep your relationship healthy because they are well worth investing in!

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Is My Wife Or Girlfriend Having an Affair?