How To Do Proper Window Cleaning}

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How To Do Proper Window Cleaning


Adrianna Noton

The home or office windows should be always clean as they tend to determine the level of cleanliness standards that you maintain. This sentiment has made many people look for professional washers to help them with these tasks. However window cleaning can be done without contracting other people. Despite the fact that there are tools and techniques that should be involve for better results to be seen.

Other than the professional cleaning methods, other techniques can as well make your windows look just as you would wish. The homemade solution requires just following some few steps, which is cost effective.

The material required for this job include warm water, a bucket, a clear house hold vinegar, a pair of gloves, a wiper, washing up liquid, old new[papers and a good window washer . The purpose of the gloves is to protect the hands from cuts and bruises.

The weather when cleaning the windows should be cloudy. This is because sunny conditions increases evaporation rate of the solution thereby speeding drying which leaves many streaks making the windows look very ugly.

Cleaning should commence by preparing of the soap solution, which is done by mixing the washing up liquid with a bucket containing warm water. This is ideal as it is very slippery thereby making it easy to collect the dirt from the glass without making any scratches.

The vinegar solution is also prepared by adding the clear household vinegar in a backed half full of warm water and stir them to mix. This is a very good washing solution, which is used to prevent streaking it also makes the glass look very shiny and clean. All the material should be at the working station before beginning the work.

The outside windows are first cleaned by first dipping the washer in the solution then move it up and down side by side in a wiping technique manner to make sure that all the dirt is removed. Natural sponge can also be used in case there is no other washing material.

When satisfied that it is clean use the wiper to dry it up by moving it down the plane without applying excess pressure. When it gets wet wipe it with a piece of dry cloth and repeat by making an overlap of the previous strokes until you are clear that it is dry enough.

In the inside part of the glass make sure the floor is protected by covering it using the old newspapers. Do the washing as you had done but during wiping do not wipe down but vertically so that it becomes completely dry and prevents the occurrence of streaks . This is done until the glass is completely clean and clear.

As you finish the work make a round of check up and look for the presence of any streaks which should be removed using old newspaper . This is a simple homemade window cleaning method which when maximized can improve the cleanliness of your windows. This is not a hard undertaking after all.

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