A Closer Look At Your Massage Chair

A Closer Look at Your Massage Chair


Wendy Rivera

If you are a person that is constantly exposed to stress with not enough time to go to a massage parlor or wait for a masseuse, consider getting a massage chair. In this way, you can avail yourself of a relaxing massage at your convenience and in the comfort of your home.

Getting a massage is a great way to destress yourself after a hard day’s work. You can feel the masseuse’s hands kneading and rolling away all those knots and tension in your tired muscles. Will the massage chair perform as well? You might wonder if you’re getting your money’s worth when you get yourself a massage chair. Let’s check out the features.

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From the exterior, the top of the line massage chair comes in different materials and colors that would match the d cor of your room. The seat is adjustable to fit whatever body shape and size. However it is not only limited to that, you can also adjust the angle of how far you want to recline. Once you adjust it to your most comfortable level, you can leave it like that so that when you use it again, you can just sit down and start distressing.

Let’s look at the inside of the massage chair. Can this provide you with the same effect as massage by human hands? Modern massage chairs have several nodes and rollers that can emulate hand motions such as pressing, kneading and vibrating. These have adjustable settings so you can choose the speed and intensity that is comfortable for you.

The motor is the heart of the massage chair as this is what makes everything work. When you buy a massage chair, make sure that there is a warranty on all the parts, especially the motor. It is also wise to check if the nodes, rollers and motor have replacement parts that are readily available.

There are several types of massages, the most common of which are shiatsu and Swedish massage. These can be simulated by the massage chair. The availability of different massage styles depending on the model. If you are used to a certain style of massage, find a model that has that style among the available choices. There are also models where you can set the duration, speed and intensity of massage.

Now that we know the massage chair inside out, the next thing you have to look into is the brand. There are several brands of massage chairs to choose from. The price depends on the features as well as the materials used and the brand. Choose one that meets your needs. It would be a waste it if you buy one with several features and use only half of them.

Massage chairs are truly wonderful addition to your home. It not only puts a touch of class to your house but also gives you the benefit of rejuvenating a tired body. So how much will you spend on a massage chair? Depends on the brand and model. How much for the health benefits? Priceless.

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