Allergy Dog Food: Special Kibble For Dogs With Allergy Issues

Allergy Dog Food: Special Kibble For Dogs With Allergy Issues


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Buying allergy dog food for your beloved pet can help resolve a lot of the health issues your dog may be experiencing. Knowing if your dog is allergic to certain dog foods is the first step in helping him cope. Some of the symptoms to be on the lookout for include; skin rashes, weepy eyes, lethargy, swollen stomach, and even labored breathing.

Many dog foods contain a lot of additives that are used to make the kibble more enticing to a dog. Allergy dog food is often free from most preservatives and made with natural ingredients. There are some dogs that have allergic reactions to specific ingredients, such as eggs, wheat, chicken, fish, soy, beef, lamb, or corn.

If you know which ingredient or ingredients your dog is allergic to, then it will be easier to buy the proper allergy dog food for him. There are specially formulated brands of kibble that are made with rice, instead of corn, wheat, or soy.

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Dogs aren’t usually allergic to every type of meat product there is. Most of the time you just need to make a simple switch from one type of meat to another.

It will be harder to determine which type of dog food you need to purchase if you are unsure on which ingredients your dog is actually allergic to. You may need to try a few different brands before you locate a dog kibble that suits your dog’s needs. If you don’t want to put your pet through all of this trouble, then you can have an allergy test done through the local veterinarian.

When switching over to dog food from the current brand you are using, be sure to do this slowly. You’ll want to add 25 percent of the new dog food to 75 percent of the old kibble. After 3 days, make the mix 50 percent old and 50 percent new.

In 3 more days, offer a ratio of 75 percent new with 25 percent old dog food. Then 3 days later you should be able to feed your dog 100 percent new kibble.

Most dog owners purchase allergy dog food from their veterinarian. They usually rely on suggestions provided by their vet. Special food for dogs with allergies can be more expensive than some types of regular dog food. However, this additional cost in dog food can eliminate a lot of visits to the vet for problems your dog might have due to regular kibble.

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