Hone Your Beauty Skills With A Cosmetology Course}

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Hone your Beauty Skills with a Cosmetology Course


Ajay Paul

Do you work in a beauty parlor and want to enrich your skills even more? Are you not satisfied with the beauty services that you offer to your customers at your salon? Do you want to grow in your career as a beautician or cosmetologist? Then the answer lies in enrolling for a cosmetology program. A latest course on cosmetology will give you the necessary practical and theory training to become a true professional.

Masters is cosmetology course are professional lessons designed for the beauticians and cosmetologists. It comprises of the various beauty therapies that enhance the look of the clients. This can be waxing, facials, eye brow shaping, bleaching, hair coloring and many more. It also encompasses intricate beauty theories like mela cure treatment, hydrating facial, collagen facial, anti-aging etc. The beauty academies provide coaching manuals and hands-on training to the pupils. There are also interactive classes that help the pupils to evaluate both their strengths and weakness. The tutors tell the students the areas they need to work upon and if they require they can attend more classes.

The practical classes focus on massage techniques by making complex hand movements for a long time, using beauty tools like scissors to give the clients interesting haircuts and threading for eyebrow shaping. The theory classes disseminate information on skin and hair theory, human anatomy, terminology related to human body.

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There are classes on customer dealing, maintaining cleanliness in the parlors, and developing marketing skills. At the weekends, there are workshops and seminars which are given industry experts and top-notch professors. Many beauty academies employ foreign faculties to give the pupils training on various beauty treatments and this includes use of beauty products in right quantities, massage techniques and diluting the aromatherapy oils before using.

The theoretical classes can be taken online if you are a working professional. The online courses are both convenient and beneficial and can be taken through the PDF files and videoconferencing. However, for practical classes attending the campus is necessary. There are assignments to complete, and written exams to pass for the pupils, before getting the cosmetology license.

Choosing a reliable beauty school is important for the learners as it is where the whole foundation for a successful career will be laid. It is where they will get the vital education. Masters is cosmetology course is comprehensive and worth of pursuing for the career aspirants. Research on the internet on the beauty institutes and compare their courses and course fees. Read the testimonials about the placement opportunities they provide to the pupils.

By undertaking it, students will have remedies for every beauty problems to serve their clients in a better way. It will pave the way for a glittering career in spas and parlors. Right from offering suitable treatments for hair syndromes like receding hairline and dandruff to more severe wrinkle problems, they can offer tailor made beauty solutions to satisfy their clients.

Apart from the spas and beauty parlors, there are giant departmental stores and cosmetic companies who recruit talented cosmetologists for general and high-profile customers. In the reputable cosmetic companies, the cosmetologists generally do makeup and hair dos for models at fashion and ramp shows.

A cosmetology course can take your career on the right path. So enroll for it now and let your career blossom.

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Grand Canyon Helicopters For Valentines Day}

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Submitted by: Frank Denber

Valentine’s Day weekend is coming up. And for those looking to really impress a loved on, a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon is a great option. Just make sure you book ASAP as these “sweetheart” flights sell out quickly.

Las Vegas

From Vegas, you fly to the West Rim, which is just 45 minutes by air. Types of tours range from air-only to landing, and both kinds fly over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam en route to the National Park.

The air-only flight is perfect for folks who have limited time to sightsee the Canyon. It’s also the cheapest option and perfect for those on a budget. That said, I prefer landing tours because they offer you a much more comprehensive experience.

Specifically, I like the landing tour that goes to the bottom for a Champagne picnic. And for those feeling especially adventurous, I recommend extending this trip with a Colorado River boat ride. Whichever you go with, you’re in for one heck of a trip.

Deluxe Flights

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Because Valentine’s Day is so special, I’m also recommending that you consider taking a deluxe flight that departs from the Las Vegas Strip. I say this because they come with free hotel pick up and drop off by limousine as well as an extended flight over The Strip on the way back from the Canyon.

Further, by going deluxe, you’re assured of getting onboard an EcoStar 130 helicopter. These particular aircraft are the best sightseeing choppers on the planet. This is because they come with 180-degree windshields, stacked stadium-style bucket seats and an aerodynamic design that makes the ride super smooth.

South Rim

Here you get to choose between 30-minute and 50-minute flights. The shorter one gets the job done but if you’re doing this for Valentine’s Day, I recommend going big and taking the 50-minute ride. This particular tour covers nearly 75 percent of the entire Park and includes the Dragoon Corridor, the widest and deepest section of the Canyon.

Another South Rim trip I like is the helicopter/Jeep combo. It’s the one that features a 30-minute helicopter ride over the Canyon that concludes with a 3-hour ground tour inside the National Park via a customized Jeep. In fact, this one gets two thumbs up from me because no other tour delivers the types of aerial and ground views you’ll get on this trip.

Dress Accordingly

Bear in mind that February is one of the coldest months of the year at the Canyon. My suggestion is to check out the weather forecast a couple of days prior to your flight and dress for it. Temps at the West Rim are similar to those you’ll get in Vegas. The South Rim sits at 7,000 feet so if you’re coming up from Sedona or Phoenix you’ll want to bundle up.


I hope this article about Grand Canyon helicopter tours during Valentine’s Weekend (it’s on Saturday, February 14) helped you as you plan the ultimate “date” tour. Remember, my pick for best trip out of Vegas is the deluxe Champagne picnic at the bottom and for South Rim it’s a toss up between the 50-minute air-only and the helicopter/Jeep combo.

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South Rim helicopter

tours and here for ones that depart from Las Vegas:




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