Coke Oven Coke Technology And Coal Carbonization

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Coke Oven-Coke Technology and Coal Carbonization


Anand Agarwalla

Coke Oven is an essential instrument or device used for manufacturing coke which in turn is produced from coke. It is derived by heating and combining bituminous coal at a maximum temperature which can go upto 1,000 till 2,000 degrees centigrade. The whole process is given result inside the oven to give rise to coke as a by product. Coke making is possible only through coking in the oven. Coke is the complete solid by product of combustible carbon containing compound or material. It is mainly composed of a small amount of ash and sulfur.

When it comes to serving the purpose of fuel, coke can act a great substitute or even can be used as a reducing agent to be used in a blast furnace for the purpose of smelting iron ore. Coke is among the three primary constituents necessary for manufacturing iron which can later be used to make steel and combined with the ores of limestone or iron ore. Those gases coming out from

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Coke Oven

is later used as a fuel. Coal is heated in these ovens under controlled temperature conditions. The best quality coke is produced in airtight ovens only in the absence of oxygen.

These coke ovens can also be found in a battery of arrangements and is well placed in between heating walls. This is necessary for facilitating the amount of coke production. This is important for enhancing the productivity of the Coke Oven. The extreme temperature present in the interior walls of the oven helps in separating elements like coal, gas, water, tar and others from coal. The water and gas present in coal is later fused together with carbon and other remains of ash. The hard and tough residue that gets collected after the end of this process is referred to as coke.

The coal which is used in the process of coke-making forms an integral part of the whole method. Coal can be chosen only after determining the various factors like ash and an amount of sulfur. Tar, plasticity and volatile are the other factors that need to be considered before selecting coal. The volatile nature of coal is vital and is of superior quantity or greater quality that is important for producing coke. The higher the volatility of coal, the more would be the end result and number of products. The volatile characteristics of coal are mostly associated with negative by products which have eventually become porous in the process of making quality coke.

Coke as a fuel is used for smelting iron in a Coke Oven in a blast furnace which is better known as Coke Technology. This technology is mainly used for reducing the amount of iron oxide (haematite) and lessening the presence of those smoke-producing elements. This process is mostly used for producing smoke free fuels. Coal Carbonization on the other hand is a method used for converting organic materials into various other forms of carbon. The carbon by-products can be derived only through the procedure of pyrolysis and by destroying the natural organic substances through distillation. It can later be achieved through such carbonization of those products in liquid or gaseous forms. Coke is later produced through this process of carbonization and this process is commonly used in iron and steel industry.

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