Ifac: From 30 Years A Great Service For The Refrigerated Transport

By Gianni Buonsante

For 30 years, IFAC has produced panels for refrigerated boxes. It attends the most important international trade shows: a chance to strengthen the partnership with its customers. It is a worldwide company which operates in ITAY, CYPRUS, CROATIA, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, SLOVAKIA, SWITZERLAND and TURKEY. In the majority of these markets, IFAC not only offers sales and assistance, but also customized services.


IFAC is a leader in the isothermal transport and operates since 1981 in terms of quality and technology, to guarantee the final client a fresh and genuine product.

IFAC anticipates the future of refrigeration thanks to technologically advanced materials and systems and looks towards the future to offer the best.

The plant for the production and the assembly of refrigerated boxes is located in Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA). It is also the logistics centre for the South and the Mediterranean. With regards to logistics, IFAC is assisted with Verona, that became a very strong point of the company, as it is a sorting place and geographically strategic to improve the interchanges with Europe.

IFAC avails itself of the partnership of 2 other companies of the group, TECNOFRIGO (for frigo units sale and assistance) and FRIGORENT (hiring refrigerated boxes).

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These three reliable companies offer the best in the mobile refrigerated market.

TECNOFRIGO Srl is dealer of the Thermo King providing sale and assistance. It offers professionalism and quality in terms of refrigerated transport since 1988. Thanks to its wide variety of Thermo King refrigerated units, its huge spare parts warehouse, and an efficient assistance and assembly plant, TECNOFRIGO can satisfy every client’s requirement.

FRIGORENT rents out to its clients high quality refrigerated boxes for the transport of goods temperature-sensitive. Our high quality is guaranteed by the efficiency of the insulation materials and by the precision of the systems of temperature control. Our vehicles with ATP, have IFAC boxes and THERMO KING frigo units. The boxes with ATP allow the transport of food over long distances, always at a controlled temperature.

FRIGORENT provides refrigerated vehicles of every size, for offering a product according to your requirements : from commercial vehicles of small size up to 3,5t.


On 15-18th JUNE 2011, IFAC will take place to SOLUTRANS MEDITERRANEE, Casablanca, Morocco, the most important exhibition in the Mediterranean, accredited by the Union for the Mediterranean and actively supported by the French and Moroccan govern, with a full offer of products, services and technologies to improve the road logistic chain.

The fair will gather the full spectrum of professionalities involved in the truck and the public transport industry – including manufacturing, automotive, spare parts, car hire and organizations – becoming the strategic focus in the industry for the Mediterranean region. For four days, IFAC will deal with all those interested in the field of refrigerated transport: an efficient matching between demand and supply, to keep pace with technological development in insulated transport and offer everyday the best to its customers.


For 30 years, IFAC has offered to its clients a huge range of refrigerated boxes. The plant of Acquaviva Delle Fonti, started up a short time ago, has already achieved high innovation levels, due to new technologies and automated systems that make IFAC boxes safer and easier to use.

IFAC anticipates the future of refrigeration thanks to technologically advanced materials and systems and looks towards the future to offer the best.

It respects the environment, innovates, and takes care of clients : that’s IFAC, learned from experience.

If you need information, or if you are interested in receiving assistance for assembly IFAC kits, or for repairs and spare parts, don’t hesitate to contact us and to visit our site at http://www.ifacspa.it/en. Because IFAC is synonymous with efficiency and quality, at the service of people and of their work.

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