Pex Plumbing For Household And Home}

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Pex plumbing for household and home


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To have a leakage free house and a good water supply one has to have a good plumbing done. To get access to both hot and cold water the plumbing system should be in a good condition.

For the plumbing system nowadays copper pipes are being used as it is easier to handle than iron and lead. Copper is also water resistant and non toxic. There is also the availability of copper for usage.

But unfortunately in this modern world new things are being invented and people are finding a cheaper mode to build things. So, a new material got introduced into the market called PEX and has gained popularity instantly for its excellent material.

The difference between copper and PEX manifold

In copper pipe plumbing system the water system line should be connected to the water heater, where the hot water line and the cold water line will be running alongside throughout the house. In copper plumbing system one has to use various sized diameter pipes to serve different purposes of the house. By having this system in the house the water system may experience a pressure load loss if at once on a branch several fixtures are used.

In the copper plumbing system the pipes need to run around the obstacles thus having more connections and intersections; and this is time consuming. In this system the finished work is done mainly behind the finished wall and one is not able to see any damage (if there is any) until it is too late.

But in PEX plumbing manifold this is not the case. PEX manifold is made up cross-linked polyethylene which is a flexible pipe. The cross linked molecules of PEX manifold makes the pipe durable and a stable material to withstand any pressure. The unique feature of PEX manifold is that it cannot be reshaped or melted. All this leads to the increase in the performance of water supply with the PEX tubing.

Advantages of PEX manifold

As PEX manifold requires fewer connections the PEX tubing comes in long coils and can bend around any obstructions as it very flexible.

As PEX tubing is easier to install it results in low cost of labor.

PEX manifold being made of plastic is corrosion resistant and pitting free.

It is lightweight and fewer fittings are required when installing PEX manifold.

PEX manifold is energy efficient and prevents heat loss from the water that travels to different parts of the house through it.

To meet the demands of the homemaker there should be a good plumbing system available in the house which can be sought easily with the usage of PEX manifold for plumbing in a household.PEX manifold

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Pex plumbing for household and home