Unified Communication Is A Technology Hard To Ignore

Unified Communication is a technology hard to ignore


Aditi Tyagi

Business telephony communications in their embryonic stage were supported by the traditional business phone lines that constituted the PSTN network. Later with the advancement in communication technology and the development of various new methods of communication, the trend has shifted from the on-premise PBX to a hosted system and now this system has crossed all bounds to deliver functionality that makes it far better than the other old systems.

Whenever it comes to Hosted PBX systems, price is the main topic of concern. A hosted solution is undoubtedly less costly as compared to a traditional phone system but it is not the only positive point that makes it better. Scalability and reliability are also important factors from the perspective of business today. Calling however is not the only means to stay connected. The integration of all sorts of communication modes such as audio, video, chat, SMS, e-mail, fax, etc. has given rise to an integrated blend of Unified Communications.

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Now your existing IP network is capable of delivering services that are beyond all boundaries. The liberty to enjoy access to all the real time as well as non-real time modes of communications from anywhere in the world, at any time and via any media is definitely a boon. Unified communication offers an integrated environment to work where discussions, information sharing, instant messaging, presence can be effectively utilized to stay connected all the time.

Since every feature counts, it has a certain value as well. These features that make your business communication channel different from others but it will also cost you accordingly. These high efficiency channels are quite expensive to afford for a small business firm. To make the benefits of Unified communication available to the business firms, an integration of this system with a Virtual PBX is essential. This integration is important to do away with the weak points that lie in the system which include affordability of such a system by small firms, the complexity involved in dealing with IT problems, scalability and integration with mobile environments.

Unified Communication is such a vast arena that it gives you every possible opportunity to achieve what you want to. Unifying all modes of communication can prove to be a great advantage for business firms of all sizes since they offer 24 hour availability to their clients from wherever they are and can gain access to and answer all sorts of communications from a single inbox. The integration of this system with a hosted solution has enabled a business firm to add unimaginable features to their business phone system.

Hosted PBX services provide a complete package that empowers business through technology. It paves different directions for the growth of your business by offering seamless communication facilities. Improved communications can contribute to better level of customer satisfaction and an increased level of sales of your product or service. The more these facilities are utilized, the more will be the employee productivity and thus, the greater will be the business profitability. Hosted PBX has thus changed the face of business communications today and has helped business firms to achieve a competitive edge over the dominant players.

With all these extraordinary features and freedom from constraints, availability, presence, information sharing, strong connectivity and other outstanding features, Unified communication is definitely a technology that is hard to ignore.

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