7 Creative Uses Of A Storage Shed

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By J.C. Mims

Storage sheds have many uses other than just storage. While storage is what they are designed for, they can easily be transformed into a structure with as many uses as the imagination allows.

After being involved in the storage shed business for nearly two decades I have seen many creative uses for storage buildings.

The following are the Top 7 uses for a storage shed:

7. Temporary house Use a storage building as a temporary home while building a new home on some land, and then use the storage building as a home office. A large storage shed can easily become an efficiency apartment without much extra expense. You can easily insulate the building and add paneling. Put up temporary walls, add a kitchenette, and complete it with a bathroom in the corner with toilet and a stand up shower. Nothing fancy, but still enough to get by.

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6. Cabin Got some land that you like to spend time at on the weekends, but not enough to warrant investing to build a new cabin? A large finished out storage building can easily become a cabin with all the bare necessities. (see #7 above for further detail).

5. Barbershop enjoy cutting hair on your own schedule? A storage shed can easily be equipped to become a barbershop. Best of all, your office is now in your backyard. You can add landscaping and accents to add your own personal charm to your new office that will keep your customers coming back.

4. Snow-cone Stand Take a small 8×8 or similar size shed, add some sliding windows to the front, add some shelves, a couple of plugs, and possibly an air conditioner, and you have a quick, inexpensive, seasonal business. Best of all, it is relatively easy to relocate your business from one place to another. You can even leave the shed on a trailer and move it from place to place with ease. Set it up at baseball games, city events, football games, etc

3. Craft Shed Need a place to do your craftwork without having to clean it up and store it away every time you use it? A small storage building can be customized with shelves and all the essentials to meet your needs. No more clean up required.

2. Workshop Have plenty of tools, but dont ever use them because it is too much work to get them out of storage each time? You can customize a storage shed to become a workshop. That way, you can keep everything in eyesight right where you need it. You will find you use all those tools you couldnt live without much more when they are easily accessible.

1. Storage Shed Used as a typical storage shed. The most common uses include lawn and garden equipment storage, atv

storage, furniture storage, and basically anything you are not ready to throw out yet.

As you can see, with a little imagination a storage shed can become so much more than a storage shed. Most people would never imagine you could use a storage shed as a cabin or temporary home. But, having built a number of these for customers I can say first hand that they are surprisingly cozy. Naturally, this is not a long term solution, but it is definitely a cost effective solution to a short term problem.

That is my top 7 (maybe not so common) uses of a storage shed.

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