The Increasing Number Of Business And Luxury Hotels In Mumbai

The increasing number of business and luxury hotels in Mumbai


Jena Smith

Had there been no hotels, the tourism industry would not have witnessed such a boom. Millions of people employed in the hospitality sector would have added to the unemployment menace in every country. Almost all the hotels in the major cities in India such as hotels in Mumbai, hotels in Delhi, hotels in Bangalore, etc. witness cent percent occupancy with business tourists.

Mumbai is one of the metropolises of India that never sleeps. The city bustles with life 24 hours a day. Given the increasing business tourist influx a number of business hotels in Mumbai has cropped up. It is not only business tourists but also leisure tourists that add to the traffic of the city. Hence, you will find luxury hotels in Mumbai in abundance too. It is surprising that most of these business hotels and luxury hotels in Mumbai witness cent percent occupancy round the year. This is the reason why more hotels in Mumbai are cropping up.

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The Mumbai of yesteryears is no longer the Mumbai of today. The city has expanded greatly with even the outskirts serving as a part of the main city hub. So, you will find hotels in Mumbai in abundance in the outskirts as well and in the vicinity of the airport.

Business hotels in Mumbai in the five star categories are equipped with all the business conveniences facilitating a perfect business milieu to both business and corporate travelers. Most of these hotels in Mumbai also offer special packages for the discerning guests to their advantage. It is no surprise if you avail such conveniences like venues for New Product Launch, Press Conference, Exhibitions; state-of-art audio visual equipments, high speed Internet access, on-site IT support, sumptuous menu, and related paraphernalia. You can book your private space too. A counted few of the business hotels and

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offer villa facilities as well. So, if you have come to the city for a prolonged stay for both business and leisure, you can opt staying in one of these state-of-the-art villas equipped with ultra-modern modern facilities.

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