How To Choose The Best Water Filter}

How to Choose the Best Water Filter


Samuel S. Peters

Considering a water filtration system for a home can be a daunting task. One needs first to determine what is wrong with the present water supply. With contaminents being such a ubiquitous problem, it is not uncommon to be dissatisfied with water supplies, whether from wells or city systems. Then, following this assessment, the homeowner should investigate what the various systems promise in treating these problems.

Though cost is usually a factor, it is not the only factor in choosing the best water filter. Some inexpensive units filter out heavier particles suspended in the water. More expensive units claim to remove microbes as small as .01 microns (.00001 mm) in diameter. The most common technique used for such fine filtration is reverse osmosis technology.

Hidden in a water supply are often found more than mere sediment. Water could also contain harmful bacteria. The best water filter systems will not only remove sediment but also this invisible enemy.

Do not assume that just because water comes from a deep well, it is automatically safe. All water should be tested. This is a regular requirement for city water systems but it should also be done for other sources of cooking or drinking water. Microbial materials can affect, not just the safety of the water, but also the appearance, taste, and odor. The best systems will deal with all these problems.

For some, cost is no object and only the best filter system will give them peace of mind. For others, simply running water through a filter pitcher is adequate for them to feel safe. Even water run through a filtering system should be tested. This is true because some water is so dangerous that even expensive systems cannot clean it sufficiently.

The best water filters use a combination of filtering and bacteria removing technology. An adequate filter removes contaminants of .4 microns or more. Units that also kill bacteria usually use electricity as well. Water containing excessive iron may also have a sulfur smell. Filtering alone may not remove this odor from the water.

Water softeners remove minerals in water that make it work poorly in cleaning. But softened water passing through a water filter may extend the life of the filter cartridge itself. What is the best water filter system? The answer to that can only be determined when the water is evaluated, and the minimum acceptable levels of contaminants is established.

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