The Price Of Impaired Driving And Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

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Whenever people get in their cars and drive, they do so without giving any thought to being in an accident. Most people are pretty responsible and do not drive if they are incapable of doing it. Impaired driving and leaving the scene of an accident is the furthest thing from most of our minds. But there are those who will have a couple of drinks and think they are fine to get behind the wheel. This can be a huge mistake. An accident can happen, and because they are so stunned and scared some people may not be thinking clearly and run.

Many people do not realize that the law in each state may vary, but not by much. Being impaired is not just limited to alcohol, but also to drugs, including prescription medications. Anything that is alcohol or drug related, even over the counter medications can affect our judgement. It’s important to know how these things are making you feel and if they are altering your judgement.

Prescription medications are used everyday by millions of people, many of them licensed drivers. Our judgement can be just as impaired with prescription medications as it can be with alcohol and illegal drugs. Most people do not give any thought to their prescriptions but they need to be aware of the possibilities.

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Always be aware of what your medications can do to your judgement. Read the warning on the bottles and talk to your pharmacist about any side effects that may happen. Read the paperwork that comes with the prescription so that everything is clear to what could happen while taking that medication.

No matter what state you live in, there are laws that dictate the level of alcohol while driving. If you are on medication, this also can be detected if you are tested. Impairment of any kind is totally the responsibility of the driver and should be taken into consideration before you get behind the wheel.

If there is an accident and the driver is impaired, running from the scene is not a solution. Accidents are investigated by the police and everything is documented. Once it is determined that the driver was not only impaired but fled the scene, the charges could be enormous.

An impaired driver could face more charges than he realizes. Besides the fines and court charges, the driver could also be facing criminal and civil charges as well. Staying at the scene is not only the law, but it is also the right thing to do. Living with the responsibility of hurting someone else or even worse, killing someone, is a huge price to pay and one that would never be forgotten.

With the busy lives that we all lead, no one gets up in the morning hoping that they will be in a collision. That is why it is called an accident. It is how you handle it when it happens that matters. Impaired driving and leaving the scene of an accident can not only ruin the life of another person, it can devastate your own.

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About the Author: Keep your criminal record clean hire

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, drinking and driving is a crime.


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