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An average guest spends not more than four minutes on a menu, so it is very important that the menu and the menu covers make a good impression and direct the customer to come to the restaurant again and again. This is true for both, businesses that have been running since a decade, or the ones which have just started.

If a business considers the menu covers simply a covering for a price list, then it’s hideously underestimating its value. A menu cover can be one of the biggest merchandising tools a restaurant has. Everything that a restaurant believes in flows through the pages of the menus and its menu covers – the atmosphere, concept, strategy, and the service ethic.

If looking for a way to make a restaurant blossom with authenticity and a very unique atmosphere, then leather menu covers is the way a restaurant should take. Good quality leather is a fantastic way to present a theme to a customer. Themes are extremely important to every business and must be taken seriously by every restaurant. In fact, this should be the biggest decision made before even opening a restaurant. Theme decides what kind of furniture, food, accessories the restaurant will be serving to the customers!

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Menu covers are not just used for visual reasons, but they are also for branding purposes. One can put logos or stylized writing on the menu. This gives a far better professional vibe than basic covers. One can select from topical, sewn, and etched designs.

Apart from simply having the logo or name of a business, menu covers can also have the motto or slogan printed. This is a fantastic way for clients to know what a restaurant is about so that they can make up their mind whether they would want to eat in the restaurant or not. This will also help them get an idea as to why they will like the restaurant even before tasting the food. For instance, a slogan might talk about serving comfort food which makes one feel at home. On the other hand, it may offer couture dining which a customer may not get anywhere else. Both ways, by marketing the restaurants beliefs on the cover of the menu helps the customer know what kind of dining experience he or she is likely to get.

Great covers also have a few items printed on them. Certainly, the whole menu will be inside. But, advertising the key items that make a restaurant special is very important. First off, it tells the people who come to eat why the restaurant is different from the others. Second, it directs them towards choosing the items which the restaurant considers its specialty. This will definitely make the customer inclined to think very positively about the business. When the extraordinary cilantro infused French fries are publicized on the menu covers, people want to try them. The restaurant gets known for them and with the word of mouth it becomes popular. Remember, there is no bigger way of getting publicity than through the word-of-mouth. However, this will happen far too slowly if the French fries were just an item listed on the inside of the menu card.

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